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The ATL Hookah Queen talks about entrepreneurship at Bonfire ATL

How this entrepreneur balances owning a hookah company and navigating the music industry
The ATL Hookah Queen talks about entrepreneurship at Bonfire ATL
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Sundays in Atlanta bring out an array of creative entrepreneurs to Bonfire ATL, which is sponsored by Backwoods. Vendors from across the city bring food trucks, alcoholic beverages, dessert stands, tobacco products and more.

Quisha, aka the ATL Hookah Queen, is not only making moves as an entrepreneur but also as an artist. Hookah smoking are a popular Atlanta leisure activity, so we asked the savvy businesswoman which flavors consumers should try.

Who is making smoke right now in Atlanta?

ATL Hookahs and I’m the ATL Hookah Queen, Quisha.

Tell us about your hookah business and how you got started.

Absolutely. So I got started with my sister and we both have been doing this for five years. We had a lot of locations, and I started performing here in 2020 at Bonfire ATL. I took … headlined a few times and they were like, “How are you the ATL hookah queen and you’re not doing hookah?” Then boom, we got it set up.

What genre of music do you perform?

There is really no specific genre, but right now I’m into pop, rap, hip-hop, R&B, and stuff like that.

Who inspires your artistic style?

That’s a great question, so I’ve never been the type of artist that has a favorite. I’m inspired by so many artists that are so plentiful right now. I would say artists like Madonna, Lauryn Hill, and some newbies. Well not so much newbies, but I love Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and people like that.

Would you say your style is more melodic rap?

Yeah … when it comes to like Uzi Vert. My son put me on to Yeat, and I love those types of sounds that make you get a little jiggy –  Future and stuff like that.

Which flavors of hookah should people try?

The flavor that you must try is ATL Hookah Queen. It’s a blend of orange, blue mist, and mint. A lot of our flavors pay homage to Atlanta. We have Midtown, Twerk, Red Bottoms, and stuff like that,

How can people keep up with you?

You can keep up with us at @atlhookahqueen or @atlhookahs on Instagram.

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