Comedian Mario Tory amuses crowd at Bonfire ATL

Comedian Mario Tory recently owned the stage at Bonfire ATL and had the audience in stitches with funny punchlines and relatable stories. Sponsored by Backwoods, Bonfire ATL is the best place to let loose while enjoying a night of comedy and fun. Tory opened up about his comedy, how he’s embraced by different audiences, and […]

The ATL Hookah Queen talks about entrepreneurship at Bonfire ATL

Sundays in Atlanta bring out an array of creative entrepreneurs to Bonfire ATL, which is sponsored by Backwoods. Vendors from across the city bring food trucks, alcoholic beverages, dessert stands, tobacco products and more. Quisha, aka the ATL Hookah Queen, is not only making moves as an entrepreneur but also as an artist. Hookah smoking […]

Painter James Matthews’ work is inspired by classic Black movies

On Sunday, Sept. 18 at Bonfire ATL, several visual artists showcased their work but painter James Matthews’ artwork attracted quite a crowd. Black movies and television classics feature prominently in his work. Matthews explains how he got started with painting, what inspires him, and his favorite piece. Who is making smoke in Atlanta? Lil Baby, […]

Visual artist Mel Necole expresses herself through portraiture

Bonfire ATL sponsored by Backwoods brings out the most creative visual artists in the city. Mel Necole shared her portfolio with rolling out and told us the inspiration for her paintings. Who is making smoke right now in Atlanta? Well, my name is Mel Necole and I’m a self-taught artist here in Atlanta. What type […]

Creative and casual fashion for thrift store prices at Bonfire ATL

The concept of fashion differs from person to person and region to region.  In Atlanta at Bonfire ATL, sponsored by Backwoods,  people from all walks of life for a couple of reasons to have a great time and relax stylishly while doing it. Rolling out recently ran into a couple of attendees that were rocking […]

Booney communicates his vision through lyrics at Bonfire ATL

This past Sunday, Booney brought a new sound to the Bonfire ATL stage. He shared his vision and left his heart on the stage. His strong voice and powerful message combined with melodic rap captivated fans at the signature event. Like some of his favorite artists, he uses multisyllabic words and catches phrases to connect […]

R&B singers showcase their powerful voices on Bonfire stage

Sponsored by Backwoods, Bonfire ATL not only caters to the hip-hop audience, but also to R&B music. Rhythm and blues is an internationally popular genre that caters to diverse audiences. The R&B duo, D— Tootie and Jazzy with the Soul, performed together this past Sunday on the Bonfire stage. They later spoke to rolling out […]

Petie Parker explains why he uses the color black in his paintings

At Bonfire ATL, rolling out spoke with Petie Parker Parker about how he began his career, his technique, and how painting is also a form of therapy. Who’s making smoke right now in Atlanta? I’m Petie Parker, first of all, and I’m making smoke in Atlanta. I can’t speak for what everybody else is doing, […]

Kantii surprises Bonfire ATL attendees with explicit song

Bonfire ATL sponsored by Backwoods brings out the best artists each Sunday. Kantii recently graced the stage wearing a ’90s-inspired look that consisted of a bucket hat, and a black bralette crop top with baggy distressed jeans. Rolling out spoke to her before her performance the advice she has for aspiring music artists. Who is […]

Bonfire ATL sparks opinions on tattoos and piercings; Atlanta Ink chimes in

Tattoos and piercings have become a unique way for individuals to express their creativity or to even make a fashion statement. On the contrary, some people use tattoos and piercings to relieve pain or to mark a memory. Bonfire ATL, sponsored by Backwoods, recently brought out a diverse crowd that was willing to share their […]

Bonfire ATL: The home of music, comedy and creativity

Every Sunday, Bonfire ATL brings out the best creatives in the city of Atlanta. Founded in 2018, the brand has built a cult following where people from all over Atlanta come out to share their artistry and creativity through the lens of music, art, fashion, comedy, food and most importantly culture. We were able to […]

Zaria Russell shows Dutch Masters how she’s making smoke and mastering art

Zaria Russell is a passionate artist who is based in Atlanta. She expresses emotion with the vibrancy of different tones and pigments to not only capture of the eye of observers, but to also create conversation. She spoke on a panel presented by Making Smoke and Dutch Masters about how she discovered herself as an […]

Artist Fabian contributes to Bonfire ATL with Making Smoke and Dutch Masters

Making Smoke and Dutch Masters teamed up at Bonfire ATL this past Sunday to showcase local, powerful artists who create for the culture. Fabian Simpson is one of the four artists included in a conversation about the universe of art and what inspires them to create. Share a feeling of creating a masterpiece of work […]

How Alzheimer’s helped a vendor create a new brand of lemonade

“Dirty” has been a vendor at Bonfire ATL for over a year, and his idea came from taking care of his mother, who was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s. “Dirty” spoke with rolling out about his product and his experience at Bonfire ATL. What inspired you to create this product? In 2013, my mother was diagnosed […]

Chef Bee says food trucks are vital to Atlanta

Chef Bee is the owner of the Atlanta food truck Everybody Eats Grill. Bee detailed how he launched his business, the importance of food trucks to the city, and gives tips to people who aspire to join the foodie scene. How did you start this food truck? I basically started off touching the streets of […]