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Petie Parker explains why he uses the color black in his paintings

Why acrylic on canvas is this visual artist’s main painting style
Petie Parker explains why he uses the color black in his paintings
Petie Parker (Photo credit: C. Alexandra for rolling out)

At Bonfire ATL, rolling out spoke with Petie Parker Parker about how he began his career, his technique, and how painting is also a form of therapy.

Who’s making smoke right now in Atlanta?

I’m Petie Parker, first of all, and I’m making smoke in Atlanta. I can’t speak for what everybody else is doing, but for myself, I’m making smoke in Atlanta.

What medium do you use? 

I do acrylic on canvas because I paint a lot faster. It’s kind of sketchy because I like to draw a little bit too. I kind of know how to adapt my style to painting and drawing. I like to do a lot of black on black as well. I love black, so I try to incorporate women on black backgrounds if the setting is medieval or portraits. It depends. I love painting pictures of Black women on black backgrounds.

How did you get into art and what was your inspiration? 

I used to manage visual artists and photographers, and I made a name for myself doing that. Then I started managing a space called Peters Street Station, an art and design community center. Once I was in there I don’t know what the h— happened, but COVID-19 hit, I tried to paint, and that s— took the f— off.

Is painting therapy for you? 

Absolutely. I get paid to go to therapy.

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