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Comedian Mario Tory amuses crowd at Bonfire ATL

Humorist talks about the road to Comedy Central
Comedian Mario Tory amuses crowd at Bonfire ATL
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Comedian Mario Tory recently owned the stage at Bonfire ATL and had the audience in stitches with funny punchlines and relatable stories. Sponsored by Backwoods, Bonfire ATL is the best place to let loose while enjoying a night of comedy and fun.

Tory opened up about his comedy, how he’s embraced by different audiences, and what he has coming up.

Who is making smoke right now in Atlanta?

Myself, I’m making smoke in Atlanta. I mean, this is the city to make it happen. If you [are] not making smoke in Atlanta it’s a problem, but I’m making it and it’s smoking. It smells like smoke right now. Barbecue smoke, zaza smoke, chicken smoke; all kind[s] of smoke.

How did you get started in comedy?

Well, I got started by going and seeing comedy shows. Like my first time going to a comedy show I actually was impressed to see comics I have never heard of and [there were] some doing things I have never seen done before. It was open mic and I was like, “I think I could do better. I think I’m just as funny as them,” so I had a chance to come back and do an open mic. Shout-out to Uptown Comedy Corner, because that’s the first place I did comedy at and it was amazing. I’ve been doing comedy for 13 years and what took me there was just the love for entertainment. I had a gift, and I just exploited it and made it happen.

Do you ever get backlash from the audience? What do you do when people feel offended?

Well, that’s comedy. People feel offended at all times, that’s just what the world is. I don’t try to highlight them or segregate them either. You have shows where people shout out s— they don’t agree with but it’s comedy. You’re not meant to segregate them. I mean, you handle it the best way you can. Voice your opinion, I’m cool with that. I don’t give a f—.

Tell us where we can keep up with you?

You can follow me at @mariotory, I’m from Atlanta. Shout-out to Comedy Central, I just got into the semi-finals of the “Kings and Queens of Comedy.” I’ve worked with them before, but it’s too much to even announce right now. Shout-out to OD Odell at the Bonfire. Look, I’m just having fun.

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