Young Swavey discusses his appreciation for the Backwoods brand

We spoke with the artist after his performance at the Backwoods and Bonfires music festival in Detroit
Photo courtesy of @airbornevisuals_

Rolling out spoke with Detroit rapper Young Swavey, as part of our Making Smoke series.

How would you describe your brand?

My brand is really like a family. We’re really together. We really focus on fashion and everything, it’s lifestyle. We really embrace the lifestyle that we live. We turn up and we’re in the studio every night, too. It’s just about lifestyle, you know? Doing what you want to do, making music, and turning up.

What makes the Backwoods Brand important to you?
Backwoods is the best. Their festival this year was even better than last year, for sure. It was one show out of many for me. I appreciated the opportunity to come out and perform.

What sets you apart from the crowd?

The way I carry myself and stand out, and my music is a lifestyle of how I live.

What new musical smoke are you working on?

I’m about to drop a tape called Psyched, and then Lucid Vibez 2.

What is your favorite Backwoods flavor?

Definitely Dark Stout.

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