Black child hospitalized after teacher allegedly slammed his head into counter

An 11-year-old boy was rushed to the hospital after a dispute over a juice box turned violent. The incident happened last week at Post Elementary School in Houston, KTRK reported Tuesday, Feb. 25. Kamauri Williamson, a fifth-grade student, allegedly got into an altercation with a teacher, who has yet to be identified, over a juice […]

Secret Service called after Black child seen with play money on school bus

It is a sad fact in America that Black children are criminalized at an alarming rate. But what happened to Sadiq Kelly, 10, borders on the ridiculous. Sadiq’s mother had given the special-needs student a stack of prop money purchased on to help him learn to count. But when a Chevy Chase, Maryland, school […]

Corner store Caroline calls 911 on Black child for brushing against her (video)

For the past several months there have been White people who feel emboldened and privileged enough to call 911 on a Black person for just going about their daily lives. But the latest video that is making the rounds is heartbreaking. A mother and her two small children were at a corner store when the woman’s […]

Netflix series ‘Raising Dion’ features single mom and superhero child

The barriers set before Black characters in science fiction continue to be broken with the announcement of a new Netflix series titled “Raising Dion.” The show is billed as a family drama and revolves around a widowed Black mom who discovers her 7-year-old son has supernatural powers. It is up to the single mom to […]

East St. Louis shamed as drivers ignore dying Black boy in street

Most people, if they see an injured child, bloodied and lying in the street, will stop and render aid. But that was not the case in East St. Louis, Missouri, for 11-year-old Maurice Richards, who was struck by a hit-and-run driver. Richards was crossing the street on a rainy night this week when the driver struck […]

White man who shot Black child in face finally sentenced

Back in September 2013 in Dallas, Texas, a senseless crime was perpetrated against Donald Maiden, Jr. The 8-year-old was celebrating his birthday and playing tag. Apparently, this angered 46-year-old Brian Cloninger who had been seen brandishing a gun earlier in the day. As Donald came near his vehicle, Cloninger shot the child in the face.  The little […]