T.I. demands a boycott of Sesame Place

Rap impresario T.I. is calling for the entire culture to cancel the Sesame Place theme park in Philadelphia after a series of videos show evidence of alleged racism by the mascots. In the clips, multiple mascots from the legendary TV show “Sesame Street” seemed to purposely avoid the Black children while hand slapping with the […]

COVID did not stop Black America’s largest parade

The 92 annual Bud Billiken back to school parade is a celebration of Black families and education. The oldest back to school parade in the nation returned after being cancelled in 2020 due to COVID. This year it returned with a shortened route and measures put in place to protect those who were coming out […]

Karen V. Jenkins levels the landscape for analysts with KidAlytics

Karen V. Jenkins is a Chicago based Research Data Expert who represents transformation in the world of education. As the founder of KidAlytics, she is using her extensive skills and education to level the playing field when it comes to technology. KidAlytics was created to fill the gap when it comes to analytics between grades […]

Principal targets Black students for alleged gang activity in Chicago suburb

The principal of Homewood Flossmoor High School located in the south suburbs of Chicago is currently under scrutiny for a letter sent home with students claiming they are in gangs or have been associated with gang activity. A letter was sent home with about 70 students after an e-mail was sent to their parents stating, […]

Black suicide matters: Facts you should know

Suicide is a sad growing trend among young Black men. Because of the stigma attached to mental health care, in the Black community undiagnosed depressive orders go unnoticed by family and friends. Shockingly the biggest increase is among Black children ages 5 through 11. The latest CDC information shows that suicide among that age and […]

Black students are more likely to be beaten by educators in school

The recent video that shows a 5-year-old child being paddled in Georgia has many wondering whether or not it can happen to their child. The answer unfortunately is yes, depending on the state in which you live. There are at least 19 states that still allow the use of corporal punishment for infractions that occur […]

9 things you didn’t know about sex trafficking 

Sex trafficking is an issue that is becoming more prevalent as the economy worsens and opportunities decrease. From girls walking the streets to hustling on social media platforms, it shows no sign of decreasing. Here are nine things you didn’t know about sex trafficking. Atlanta is the top city for sex trafficking for minors. While […]

Black children and the economics of autism

There is a silent epidemic sweeping America and it affects the black community the hardest. This epidemic is autism and what is known as the Autism Spectrum Disorders, ASD. This condition is a developmental disability of severe chronic conditions due to mental and/or physical impairments. For people with developmental disabilities, major life activities such as […]

Antoinette Robinson Attacks Daughter’s Abductor, Neighbors Help (Portland)

“Strangers helped a Portland mom tackle and capture a man she said tried to drag her 6-year-old daughter into the bushes Sunday night. Antoinette Robinson told KGW she saw the man grab her daughter and her instincts kicked in. She sprinted outside and started punching him. The girl had been playing outside, at a friend’s […]

The Making of a Mother

Whenever I see young people truant, skipping school and heading down the wrong path, I stop them. I have called parents on the spot. I’ve convinced others to go back to school. I always look them in the eye and speak from the love and concern I have for them in my heart. That’s why […]

African American Homeless Child Population Growing: Remember Them at Christmas

According to recent statistics, roughly 1.6 million children were homeless last year. By homeless, we mean they were living on “the street, in homeless shelters or motels, or doubled up with other families last year.”  This is based on a report published by the National Center on Family Homelessness. The sad reality is that many […]

Black Children Watch More TV, Talk More on Cell Phones

How often have you tried talking to a youngster who was sitting in front of a television or a computer monitor spellbound and not received an iota of a response? It’s not just television and video games that’s got our children so preoccupied, cell phones and social networking play a major role in their appetites […]

Infant Mortality: Black Communities’ Hidden Tragedy That is Getting Worse

There are many issues that fall below the radar when contrasted against our interest in the problem behavior of a Chris Brown, the NFL lock out or even the death of  Elizabeth Taylor, and one of them that confronts us daily is the state of our health. We are well versed in how the overt issues of […]

D.C. 4th Grader Brings Cocaine to School and Shares With Classmates

The impact of drugs on the African American community historically has been devastating. Not only has it been the root of numerous health problems inclusive of addiction, but it has also resulted in large numbers of homicides and increasing numbers of African American males in the nation’s correctional system. In Washington, D.C., police were called to Thomson […]