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Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders » Karen V. Jenkins levels the landscape for analysts with KidAlytics

Karen V. Jenkins levels the landscape for analysts with KidAlytics

Photo courtesy of Karen V. Jenkins

Karen V. Jenkins is a Chicago based Research Data Expert who represents transformation in the world of education. As the founder of KidAlytics, she is using her extensive skills and education to level the playing field when it comes to technology.

KidAlytics was created to fill the gap when it comes to analytics between grades 8 thru 12. Jenkins has launched the “Social Impact Initiative” to help raise funds for students who wish to attend her camp. Jenkins knows that analytics goes beyond the numbers and is using her platform to spread the word.

Rolling out spoke to Jenkins about KidAlytics, the importance of analytics and the importance of data.

What would you say is the overall importance of analytics?

Analytics is important overall because it is in everything we do. We are producing massive amounts of data daily. Therefore, an increased demand for individuals able to process data to look at strengths and weaknesses with the assistance of software. We are at a point where currently our daily conversations are encrypted with COVID and social justice analysis. Communities need a forward push with tolls and analytics to effectively advocate for their needs.

Why is it important for you to get children involved in the language of analytics?

It is important to get children involved in the language because they are the generation that was born connected to and who has progressed the language of analytics further than any generation before them. Analytics are the footprint of events in this digitally driven Fourth Industrial Revolution. It’s essential for them to envision the world they will rebuild.

Talk about what inspired you to create KidAlytics.

My inspiration for creating KidAlytics was born from my inquisitive nature of experiencing the world develop and the spaces and places I was not represented in. I saw very few African Americans women in STEM, even less as analysts.

What would you say is the biggest misunderstanding when it comes to the usage and deciphering of these stats?

The biggest misunderstanding is that you have to be techie and know math like Einstein. This is far from true. There are different levels of analyst and disciplines composed of many professionals on teams. Being able to comprehend and plan around analytics and technology to make decisions in how, where, when, and if the data is collected, is an asset.

Talk about “The Social Impact Initiative” — what is it meant to do and why is it important?

The Social Impact Initiative is a long-term commitment to equity in education to achieve equality across borders. It gives access to those kids who would otherwise not receive this education due to family economics.  It’s imperative that knowledge is shared collectively and not exclusively.

What is next for you?

In a world full of possibilities, keeping steady on the mission of equity to reimage education. KidAlytics’ next move is to provide our curated curriculum globally, especially in areas that lack access.

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