How Denzel Washington ‘woke up’ while making new movie

Denzel Washington‘s latest film, The Little Things, is currently No. 1 in America. Despite it being streamed simultaneously on HBO Max, the movie made nearly $5 million at the box office. Before the pandemic, such a stat would have served as a jarring lullaby to an otherwise exceptional career. Instead, the film, directed by John Lee […]

Hostility and negativity at work

Can you imagine being constantly unhappy at a place where you spend more than a third of your lifetime? Do you already feel this way? Sadly, this is the reality for more than 53 percent of Americans, according to recent reports.r This “place” is work. Your job. Being in a toxic work environment can affect […]

William Warren Jr. leads nostalgic sports brand in a new dimension

Sports Marketing, William Warren Jr.

Philadelphia’s own William Warren Jr of Mt. Airy has quietly become a major influencer in local sports and fashion scenes. A 2007 graduate of Morehouse College, Warren is executing his marketing genius at Philadelphia nostalgic sports brand Mitchell and Ness. Under his global social marketing ingenuity, the brand has experienced growth never before seen. Warren has amassed an […]

Attorney Yusef Poole mentors and helps youth develop life skills

Is mom struggling to make ends meet? Do you feel like you don’t belong at school and find yourself wandering the halls when you should be in class? Is dad doing his part? If this description doesn’t fit you, do you know someone it does? We’re calling on educators, parents, churches, youth service organizations, detention […]