Ava DuVernay and Netflix sued by Central Park 5 prosecutor

Linda Fairstein, the New York City lawyer who prosecuted five innocent men now known as the Exonerated 5 (formerly the Central Park 5), is suing Netflix and director Ava DuVernay because she believes she was portrayed in a “false and defamatory manner,” according to TMZ. The news outlet also states that Fairstein warned DuVernay prior […]

Michael K. Williams’ role in ‘When They See Us’ reminded him of his youth

portrayal of Bobby McCray

Michael K. Williams’ portrayal of  Bobby McCray in the hit series “When They See Us” brought back memories of his own youth in New York. Speaking to rolling out, Williams explains the father-son dynamic between Bobby and Antran and how he could have easily been one of the Central Park Five. In addition, Williams reflects on […]

Ava DuVernay blasts Linda Fairstein for calling ‘When They See Us’ false

Following the release of “When They See Us,” Linda Fairstein got a chance to tell her side of the Central Park 5 story through an op-ed piece published by the Wall Street Journal. Fairstein said “a series so full of distortions and falsehoods as to be an outright fabrication.” In the piece, Fairstein claimed that […]

5 things to know about the prosecutors involved in the Central Park 5 case

“When They See Us” sheds light on the deficiencies within the criminal justice system. Five Black and Latino teens — Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Yusef Salaam, Raymond Santana and Korey Wise — were convicted and served time in prison for the crime. They were later exonerated in 2002 after the real rapist confessed. Although the […]

Why Central Park 5 prosecutor refused to be involved in ‘When They See Us’

Central Park 5 prosecutor Linda Fairstein claims she was defamed by the ground-quaking “When They See Us” miniseries, writing in an op-ed piece for the Wall Street Journal that Ava DuVernay’s movie was “so full of distortions and falsehoods as to be an outright fabrication.” But Fairstein, a former New York County prosecutor-turned-best-selling writer, had ample […]

‘When They See Us’ caused actor to experience trauma and mental health issues

The Netflix miniseries “When They See Us” provides a gut-wrenching look at the lives of the Central Park 5. The film centers around the brutal rape of a White woman that occurred on April 19, 1989, in New York’s Central Park. Five Black and Latino teens — Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Yusef Salaam, Raymond Santana and […]

Book publishers stand behind Central Park 5 prosecutor Linda Fairstein

Though Central Park Five prosecutor Linda Fairstein was submerged under a tidal wave of negative PR after the airing of the explosive “When They See Us” film, her book publishers are standing behind her. This support comes amid Fairstein’s hasty resignation from two nonprofit organizations. The silence from book publishers since the airing of the […]

Candace Owens blasted for saying Central Park 5 were guilty

The Netflix film When They See Us has shed light on how the justice system can fail Black people in America. Although most viewers have been outraged by the injustice that the Central Park 5 endured, Candace Owens has used her platform to lash out at the men who were exonerated for a rape that […]

Black Trump voters risk devaluing life and supporting injustice

Donald Trump Ben Carson

In 1989, the horrific rape and beating of a female jogger in New York’s Central Park rocked the city and the nation when news of the attack broke. Five Black teens ranging in age from 14-16 were arrested in connection to the crime. At the time, Donald Trump spent $85K placing full-page ads in New […]