Lifetime to air ‘Surviving Jeffrey Epstein’ documentary

After milking the “Surviving R. Kelly” documentary for every last dollar, the Lifetime channel has announced that it is finally moving onto another alleged sexual assault perpetrator. One year after the six-part docu-series revolving around Robert Sylvester Kelly’s ruining his life and career — and may send him to prison for life — Lifetime is […]

Some celebs insinuate Jeffrey Epstein did not commit suicide

Many fans were not alone in their feeling that accused billionaire sex trafficker and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide happened under extremely suspicious circumstances. Some celebs proferred bold theories as well. Most find it incredible that a man on 24-hour suicide watch could possibly take his own life if he is always being watched. And if […]

White doctor complains of being treated ‘like a Black person’ during arrest

A Caucasian doctor, who berated police and airport staff after being late for a flight at Orlando International Airport this past week, complained bitterly of being treated “like a Black person” during his arrest by several officers.  According to NBC and a camera phone video that captured the arrest that quickly went viral after being […]