Papa John’s founder John Schnatter said he was pressured to say N-word

It is hard for most people to fathom how a self-made billionaire like Papa Johns’ founder John H. Schnatter could possibly be pressured into saying anything he didn’t want to. But that is the excuse the business baron is passing along today for uttering the derogatory word during a conference call. The 56-year-old former chairman […]

Papa John’s founder resigns after using racial slur

The pizza baron who tried to blame his falling stock prices on the NFL and its national anthem controversy last year has resigned from Papa John’s after it was revealed he used a racial slur during a recent conference call. Papa John’s founder John Schnatter is no longer the chairman of the company after he […]

Papa John CEO forced to step down over NFL protest response

The Colin Kaepernick #TakeAKnee protest has taken out Papa John’s CEO and Founder John Schnatter. The company announced Schnatter will step down as CEO in January 2018 and be replaced by Chief Operating Officer Steve Ritchie. The move comes after Schnatter publicly criticized NFL leadership over players who protested injustice by taking a knee during the […]

White supremacists want to make Papa John’s official pizza of alt-right

Now that Papa John’s pizza founder has declared war against protesting NFL players, he has become an attractive commodity of white supremacists and members of the alt-right. During a recent conference call with investors, John Schnatter reportedly got heated about the NFL players kneeling. By the very next day, there were calls from the alt-right […]

Papa John’s blames NFL for poor sales, his reasons may spark pizza boycott

National pizza chain Papa John’s is facing a financial hardship and the CEO blames the NFL’s national anthem issue, dismissing social injustice. Papa John’s founder and CEO John Schnatter stated during a national conference call to investors that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is the chief culprit and stated, “Leadership starts at the top and this […]