Mel B’s lawyers investigating ex-nanny who allegedly ignored ‘stay-away order’

Mel B’s lawyers are “looking into” claims that her former nanny cared for her daughter against her wishes. The Spice Girls singer is said to be “beside herself” after Lorraine Gilles was seen picking up 8-year-old Madison from school and has been seen at the same Los Angeles bungalow as her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte, despite […]

Mel B hopes new dating podcast will encourage honesty

Mel B has just launched “The Truth Flirts,” with dating app Badoo and said she jumped at the chance to discuss life and love on her new show. The 44-year-old Spice Girls star hopes her new podcast will encourage people using dating apps to “be honest.” She said: “Being honest is probably one of the […]

The family members Mel B has reconciled with since her divorce

Mel B is “closer now” than ever to family members since her marriage split. The Spice Girls star and “Wannabe” hitmaker reconciled with her younger sister Danielle and her mother Andrea in 2017 after a near 10-year estrangement caused by Mel’s ex-husband Stephen Belafonte, who through coercive control cut her off from her friends and family. […]

Mel B feared blindness after suffering from eye herpes

Mel B feared that she had gone blind after suffering from eye herpes. The Spice Girls singer experienced temporary blindness and was hospitalized, according to People. The condition that Mel B suffered from is known as herpes keratitis, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology. It’s caused by herpes simplex virus, the same virus that causes […]

Mel B explains her dramatic relationship with Eddie Murphy

Mel B says something went “dramatically” wrong with her “soulmate” Eddie Murphy. The Spice Girls star admitted the end of her relationship with her former flame — with whom she shares 12-year-old daughter Angel — was difficult at the time and she regrets that their romance ended in acrimony with the Beverly Hills Cop initially denying […]

Mel B rushed to a hospital

Mel B was rushed to a hospital on Friday, May 17, 2019, after losing her sight. The Spice Girls singer, who has no vision in her left eye after laser surgery went wrong, was rushed to London‘s Moorfield Eye Hospital after she was suddenly unable to see out of her right eye. Mel arrived at […]

Mel B names her one-night stand

Mel B insists her night of passion with a fellow Spice Girls bandmate was no “big deal.” The “America’s Got Talent” judge revealed in an upcoming interview on UK TV show “Piers Morgan’s Life Stories” that she and her friend Geri Halliwell — who is now married to Christian Horner — had a “one time” […]

Mel B shares how she stays fit

Mel B  works hard to keep her physique in tip-top shape. The Spice Girls star is so committed to fitness that she gets up extra early every morning so she can fit in some exercise before her kids get up for school. She wrote on Instagram: “Getting it done, workouts and eating right makes all the difference, even if I […]

Mel B admits she has something to prove during upcoming Spice Girls tour

Mel B is ready to “prove” herself again. The Spice Girls singer — who has children Phoenix, 19, Angel, 11, and 7-year-old Madison from previous relationships — has downsized her home after paying millions in court costs during her bitter divorce from Stephen Belafonte, who she has to pay £35,000 (about $44,500 in U.S. dollars) […]

Mel B’s grandmother said her body piercings were ‘the cause of evil spirits’

Mel B‘s grandmother said her body piercings were the cause of evil spirits. The Spice Girls star has opened up about visiting her “Black grandma” — an affectionate term she used for her father’s mom — in the Caribbean during the band’s heyday and admitted she didn’t react well to some of her style choices. She told Gal-dem: […]

Mel B’s daughter claims she witnessed abuse

Mel B’s daughter Phoenix claimed she saw Stephen Belafonte “push” her mother “over the couch” during an argument. Singer Mel B, 43, accused her ex-husband of being abusive during their marriage, which he has denied, but now her 19-year-old daughter Phoenix, whom she has with Jimmy Gulzar, has claimed she saw one of the alleged incidents […]

Mel B accused Stephen Belafonte of doing this

Spice Girls star Mel B has spoken openly about the alleged abuse she suffered at the hands of her ex-husband, whom she divorced last year, and has now admitted he stopped her from driving and took control of her finances. In a frank and honest discussion on “Loose Women” on Monday, Nov. 26, 2018, she said: “An […]

Mel B reveals details about her relationship with Eddie Murphy in new memoir

Mel B and Eddie Murphy were “bursting with the best news ever” when they learned she was pregnant with their daughter Angel. The 43-year-old singer gave birth to her daughter Angel in 2007 — the same year she ended her romance with the Hollywood icon — and has said she isn’t sure where things went “spectacularly wrong” […]

Mel B’s ex husband has accused her of this

Mel B’s ex-husband, Stephen Belafonte, claims the former Spice Girls singer — who filed for divorce last year amid accusations he had been abusive towards her — has a “distaste towards African Americans” and believes she herself is Armenian. In a declaration opposing a number of his ex-wife’s requests in his custody dispute over their 7-year-old Madison […]

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte reach custody agreement

Stephen Belafonte is “ecstatic” after reaching an agreement with Mel B over custody of their daughter. The former couple — who split in March 2017 amid accusations the producer had been abusive — will share custody of 6-year-old Madison and have also agreed to drop their restraining orders against each other but agreed to stay […]

Mel B’s ‘America’s Got Talent’ salary being garnished for this reason

Mel B’s “America’s Got Talent” salary is being garnished, as she’s unable to pay her outstanding tax debts. The Spice Girls star and her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte owe hundreds of thousands of dollars dating back to 2016, with the 43-year-old star owing between $350K – $650K to the IRS just for 2017, but she has claimed […]

Mel B accused of covering addiction with abuse claims

Mel B’s ex-husband claims she is a drug addict and an alcoholic. The Spice Girls singer has been accused of covering up bruises and other injuries caused by her problems by claiming she was a victim of domestic violence, her former spouse Stephen Belafonte has alleged in new legal documents. The TV producer has made […]

Mel B accuses ex of sabotaging Eddie Murphy’s relationship with daughter

Mel B has reportedly accused her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte of trying to sabotage her one-time lover Eddie Murphy’s relationship with his daughter. The Spice Girls star has claimed her ex-spouse sent a message to the 56-year-old actor, the father of her 10-year-old girl Angel, when he was attempting to get back in touch and be […]

Mel B’s Christmas is ruined

Mel B’s Christmas plans have reportedly been ruined. The former Spice Girls singer had planned to return from Los Angeles to her hometown of Leeds, North England to spend the festive season with her mother and sister Danielle, but her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte — from whom her divorce was finalised earlier this week -—is said to […]

Bitter court battle between Mel B and Stephen Belafonte finally over

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte are officially divorced after Judge Juhas dissolved their 10-year marriage in court on Friday, Dec. 15. The former couple have been locked in a bitter court battle for the better part of this year, but the 42-year-old film producer has received the “most beautiful present he could wish for” as […]