Dr. Erica Taylor shares tips for women’s health

Dr. Erica E. Taylor is the medical director for congregate settings at the Chicago Department of Public Health. Before joining the CDPH, she worked as an obstetrician-gynecologist and associate program director at Mercy Hospital and Medical Center in Chicago. Dr. Taylor is passionate about advocacy, international health, and eliminating the persistent health care chasm that […]

Lana Kerr created CO2LiftV to help women’s lady parts stay youthful and healthy

Lana Kerr has made a career of keeping women beautiful. Her CO2Lift masks using this advanced carboxy technology are utilized by some of California’s most elite plastic surgeons, dermatologists and aestheticians. Rolling out sat down with Kerr while she was in town introducing Atlanta’s plastic surgery community to her new product, the CO2LiftV that is specifically […]

Hot girl summer without the burn

Ladies, just say no to the burn. During these hot summer months, it is very easy for yeast to grow. We all love to wear those cute outfits that may be a little tighter to show off that hot summer figure. But did you know that yeast (also known as candida) loves a hot, moist […]

Home pregnancy test tells you how far along you are

Finally, Clearblue has developed and put on the market the Advanced Pregnancy Test With Weeks Estimator. Now expecting families can get an estimate on whether they are one to two, two to three, or more than three weeks pregnant by using the two test strip. The HCG hormone that is present in pregnant women begins to decline after […]