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Lana Kerr created CO2LiftV to help women’s lady parts stay youthful and healthy

Lana Kerr (Photo by Christal Jordan for Steed Media)

Lana Kerr has made a career of keeping women beautiful. Her CO2Lift masks using this advanced carboxy technology are utilized by some of California’s most elite plastic surgeons, dermatologists and aestheticians. Rolling out sat down with Kerr while she was in town introducing Atlanta’s plastic surgery community to her new product, the CO2LiftV that is specifically made for a woman’s most intimate parts. Kerr explained why the product is revolutionary and how she hopes it will create a new definition of self-care for women.

You created this facial that has become all the rave in Hollywood and Beverly Hills, now you are have created a facial for the vagina using the same technology?

Absolutely. I think we forget that our vaginas are skin also, it’s just skin between the legs. I often say it’s the face that gets your partner but it’s our other parts that keep our partner. But in all seriousness, it’s something that women don’t talk about but it’s something that we need to think about. I’ve heard an OB-GYN say that you can tell a woman’s true age by looking at her vagina.

What does this product do for the vagina?

This product is unique in that it’s something you can do in the privacy of your home. This product is a mask that you mix at home that adds carbon dioxide into the skin inside and around the vagina. You may be asking why you would want to add carbon dioxide into the skin. Well, it’s done because when you put it in the skin, your body automatically rushes oxygen-rich blood to that area — which creates new skin cells — which is what we want.

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