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Dr. Lisa Bootstaylor explains why Cardi B says baby Kulture broke her vagina

Dr. Lisa Bootstaylor explains why Cardi B says baby Kulture broke her vagina
Dr. Lisa Bootstaylor (Photo provided by Halliday Donaldson)

In a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Cardi B was asked whether the pregnancy was easier or harder than she thought it would be and in usual Cardi B fashion, her answer went viral. “It was totally harder than I thought it would be. She broke my vagina. Why doesn’t anyone tell you that having a baby would do that? People say, ‘oh when you give birth it’s amazing.’ No one tells you the truth,” Cardi joked with the late-night host.

Atlanta plastic surgeon Dr. Lisa Bootstaylor believes that conversation needs to start between women and their OB-GYN and then after that conversation, a secondary one should include a plastic surgeon of their choice.

“We are baby vessels and, of course, after having a baby our bodies change. This isn’t something women have felt comfortable talking about until recently. Many women are uncomfortable examining their bodies and comparing the way they looked before pregnancy to the way their bodies look after pregnancy,” Bootstaylor explains. “Today’s women are into fixing their external bodies and now they want to apply that same attitude towards their private parts. There are women who won’t even look at their bodies below the belt.”

Dr. Bootstaylor is one of the premiere plastic surgeons in Atlanta that specializes in “thermiva” or vaginal reconstructive surgeries such as labioplasty, vaginoplasty, etc. She says more women are coming to her office desiring to change the aesthetic of their feminine organs. “The women’s movement has extended to our self-esteem. Women have been empowered to take control of their sexual health and much of that includes liking the way their bodies look ‘down there.’ I talk to my Mommy makeover patients about Thermiva and vaginal reconstruction. It can be a part of the package.  The snap back includes more than just getting that tummy back flat again,” says Bootstaylor.

Cardi B’s honesty sparked a humorous conversation about the post-labor process,  but Dr. Bootstaylor hopes more women will have the courage to fix any body image issues they aren’t happy with in an effort to have a better sense of self. “It’s more than a #metoo movement. It’s a #menow movement. Women have the right to take control of their sexual and intimate health now,” she said.

For more on Dr. Lisa Bootstaylor on Thermiva and vaginoplasty watch the video on the next page.

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