Good hygiene, better sex: 5 sexual health tips to incorporate into your regimen

Sexual health is usually a topic many breeze past to get to the fun stuff. Little do they know, good sexual health and hygiene make for better sex for both parties. Here are five tips to improve your sexual health. Get tested Getting regular STI testing is the most important sexual health tip. Whether single […]

Don’t mistake these 6 signs as sexual consent

Sex is meant to be enjoyable, but it is also meant to be safe and mutually agreed upon. Sexual consent, by definition, is an agreement made between participants to engage in sexual acts. There should be no blurred lines and it should be reiterated during the act as well. To clear up any confusion, these […]

Morehouse graduate Jason K. Panda is in the business of safe sex

Jason K. Panda, the owner of b condoms, saw a need to help people in his community improve their sexual health. So, after nine years of practicing law, the Morehouse College graduate decided to create b condoms, the only Black-owned condom company in the United States. Panda, who is originally Brockton, Massachusetts, recently shared his […]

Why safe sex is the only option while chilling with your quarantine bae

For weeks, most of the nation has been asked to practice social distancing, staying at least six feet from others, to stay safe and lessen the spread of the COVID-19 virus. However, in the hardest-hit parts of the country, people have been told to self-quarantine inside their homes. Faced with the idea of spending so […]

Morehouse Healthcare creates better outcomes for underserved communities

Morehouse Healthcare in Atlanta is a multi-specialty medical practice and one of Georgia’s premier primary care facilities. Founded in 1985, it began as Morehouse Medical Associates Inc. but later changed its name to Morehouse Healthcare. With more than 100 full-time practicing physicians who also serve on the clinical faculty at the prestigious Morehouse School of […]

Edwin Blount-Worthington uses facts to dispel myths about HIV

As a research coordinator and community health educator at Emory Ponce Clinical Research Site in Atlanta, Edwin Blount-Worthington always makes it his priority to bring awareness to HIV prevention and sexual health. He recently sat down with rolling out to have a candid conversation about HIV and its impact on the Black community. How often should […]

World AIDS Day: Black professionals stress education, prevention and safe sex

December 1 is World AIDS Day, a day created to promote unity in the fight against HIV and AIDS, give support to those living with the HIV and AIDS, and commemorate those who have died from HIV-or AIDS-related illnesses. In recognition of World AIDS Day, rolling out reached out to leaders in our community to […]

Man to serve 20 years in prison for exposing women to HIV

Antonio Bacon, 23, of Savannah will have to serve time in jail for exposing women to HIV. According to reports by Savannah Morning News, Bacon had sex with four women without informing them of his HIV status. One was a 15-year-old girl. Prosecutors said Bacon had sex with the women in 2012 and 2013. Bacon’s […]

Why you are more likely to catch an STD than the Ebola virus

Most Americans believe that the Ebola virus is a viable threat. However, sexually transmitted diseases appear to be more problematic at this point in time. According to new data released by the Center for Disease Control, 110 million Americans have a sexually transmitted disease and 20 million are infected each year. Young people are being […]

National Women’s Health Week is May 12-18

National Women’s Health Week is May 12-18. It is a time set aside to empower women across the country to get healthy by taking action. One of the most ignored topics in women’s health is – having a safe and responsible sex life. The week was designated as a way for women to come together to learn […]

Deadly superbug form of gonorrhea and 4 ways to protect yourself

There is a new “superbug” as many people are calling it, which is actually a new strain of gonorrhea. Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease caused by a bacterium; it grows very fast in warm, wet places of the reproductive tract like the cervix or uterus. According to the CDC about 820,000 people in the United […]

CDC releases new estimates for sexually transmitted infections

  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new estimates that show how severe the health and economic toll of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in America have become, particularly among young people ages 15 to 24.  The two new studies provide the estimates of the number of annual new infections, total number of STIs, […]

Stop the Spread of HIV: Safe Sex Tools Parents Should Tell Their Kids About

While we all know abstinence is a surefire way to prevent transmission of STDs and HIV (the virus that causes AIDS), your loved ones need to be well informed and prepared if they decide to engage in sexual activity. We’re part of a hypersexual society and engaging in sexual activity and risky behavior is unfortunately […]

Gonorrhea Super Bug Discovered; Ways to Protect Yourself and Your Sexual Partner

The risk of having unsafe sex has just increased. According to a report by Reuters, scientists have discovered a new form of gonorrhea in Japan that is resistant to all antibiotics that are used to treat the disease. Known as H041, the disease could become a worldwide epidemic if scientists are unable to find a way to eliminate its […]