Samuel L. Jackson responds to Kavanaugh-‘Pulp Fiction’ mash up going viral

Academy Award nominated actor Samuel L. Jackson and Supreme Court judicial nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony have one thing in common: both produced something that became instant classics and, now, they are paired together in a side-splitting mash up on social media. Jackson’s hilariously profane and violent Pulp Fiction character Jules Winnfield, replete with a jheri curl […]

‘The Wire’ actor Reg E. Cathey dies at 59

Esteemed actor Reg E. Cathey died at his home in New York on Friday. The veteran star was 59. In 2015, Cathey won an Emmy Award and was a three-time nominee for Outstanding Guest Actor on the hit political drama “House of Cards,” where he played Freddy Hayes—the owner of a BBQ restaurant. Cathey was the […]

Samuel L. Jackson to reprise role in ‘Captain Marvel’ movie

Samuel L. Jackson will reprise his role as Nick Fury in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie. The 68-year-old actor was last seen as the one-eyed super-spy in Avengers: Age of Ultron back in 2015, and prior to that he was shot and hospitalized in Captain America: Winter Soldier ‘a year before. Jackson has been absent from following films […]

Ben Carson calls slaves ‘immigrants’: Samuel Jackson goes off, Twitter reacts

OK!! Ben Carson….I can’t! Immigrants ? In the bottom of SLAVE SHIPS??!! MUTHAFUKKA PLEASE!!!#dickheadedtom — Samuel L. Jackson (@SamuelLJackson) March 6, 2017 Can neurosurgeon’s have brain freezes? On Monday, March 6, during a a speech to his staff, the newly-appointed Secretary of Housing and Urban Development refers to slaves as “immigrants”, who dreamed of their families […]

Tony Gonzalez on ‘xXx’ sequel, predicts teams going to Super Bowl

Football fans know Tony Gonzalez for his Pro Ball caliber work with the Kansas City Chiefs and later the Atlanta Falcons. Since retiring in 2013, he has slid easily into an analyst role at CBS. And now he might be adding movie star to his many accomplishments. In xXx: Return of Xander Cage starring Vin […]

Felicia Pearson talks ‘Chi-Raq,’ ‘The Wire’ and grace

Felicia Pearson, who is famously known as the character “Snoop” from “The Wire” has an amazing story to share with the world. The odds are stacked against her. She is an openly gay Black woman. In society that comes with its own challenges, in the entertainment industry those challenges can be amplified. We took some time […]

Hollywood hair guru Robert L. Stevenson talks clients, Samuel L. Jackson and more

[jwplatform 3a5RUiqi] Legendary Hollywood hair stylist Robert L. Stevenson is retired, sorta. The man behind the many coif hairstyles of the highest grossing film actor ever just can’t put away his styling tools. Stevenson’s career stretches back further than 15 years ago when he started styling Samuel L. Jackson whom he met in Decatur, Georgia, […]

Koch brothers donate $25 million to UNCF; open doors wide for future entrepreneurs

Charles G. and David H. Koch’s $25 million donation to the UNCF blazes a trail for budding entrepreneurs. This dynamic gift will enable students who attend UNCF-member institutions the opportunity to reach their highest potential. The spirit of entrepreneurism and the ideals, liberty and well-being, drive the giving at Koch Industries Inc. and the Charles […]

Spike Lee, Samuel Jackson reunite for ‘Oldboy’

Spike Lee’s remake of remake Chan-wook Park’s revenge thriller Oldboy is sure to entertain with its gory, bloody death scenes, fight scenes of dozens miraculously falling victim to the hands of just one extraordinary fighter, and a love interest that takes a surprising turn. Rolling out interviewed the legendary director to get a bit of insight on the “reinterpreted” […]

Hollywood stars, civic leaders shine at Morehouse’s Candle in the Dark Gala

Award-winning actor Samuel Jackson returned to his alma mater Morehouse College for the 25th Annual “A Candle in the Dark” gala. Jackson, wearing a maroon-colored custom tuxedo (Morehouse’s official colors), was in the company of his Hollywood peers. Actor Dennis Haysbert served as the master of ceremonies; and actor, director and producer Laurence Fishburne received a coveted […]

Celebrities react on Twitter to opening night of ‘Django Unchained’

Django Unchained opened on Christmas Day by pulling in $14 million at the box office. The controversial film, starring Jamie Foxx and Kerry Washington, received several Golden Globe nominations and could also get a few Oscar nods. Several celebrities went to Twitter to express their thoughts on the film. Click continue to view.

Top black box-office stars ever

Who are the highest-grossing African American box office draws of all time? According to calculations by one of the premiere movie tabulators, these are top grossing thespians of all time, along with their average take and their highest grossing movie in their careers. 10) Laurence Fishburne: Total Gross (in billions): $1,459.6 Movie Average (in millions): […]

Jay-Z, Puffy, Beyoncé and President Obama — it’s up to us, plus you

According to black celebrities who have something of value to say, like Samuel Jackson, Jay-Z and even Bey, are picking up the banner for the cause of community, and equal opportunities for me and you. And like these A-listers we all must lend a hand, to bring about the change that we want to see […]

P. Diddy Has Change of Heart Based on Baby Girls —Triumph of a Hip-Hop Mogul

Sean Combs is associated with a number of names, some signaling accomplishments and others describing roles. Puff Daddy, P Diddy, Bad Boy CEO, Ciroc spokesperson, music impresario and businessman, but all of those fall short in stature when compared to his most important role — father. And when the rap mogul received the Triumph Award […]

BET Awards 2012 Official List of Nominees Released; See Who Made the List

The list of official nominees has been released for the upcoming 2012 BET Awards, including the recently added category Best International Act: Africa, which will spotlight some of Africa’s biggest names including Sarkodie (Ghana), Lira (South Africa), Camp Mulla (Kenya), Ice Prince (Nigeria), Mokobe (Mali) and Wizkid (Nigeria). The Avengers star Samuel L. Jackson is set to […]

Herman Cain Will Never Get Serious Consideration From Blacks on Democratic Plantation

I am a proud graduate of Morehouse College. I am among a distinguished group of alumni who include Martin Luther King Jr., Edwin Moses, Spike Lee, Samuel L. Jackson, Maynard Jackson and current Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain. It is unfortunate that most African Americans will not give Cain any objective consideration simply because he is […]