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Tiffany shares her natural hair journey

“I became natural because I wanted to utilize the hair God gave me, which is the beautiful, natural, and essence of the African American woman.”

Kiella shares her natural hair experience

“You can do a whole bunch of different styles, and even [with] my locs the benefits of having them is that you don’t really have to mess with them.”

Cassiopeia shares her natural hair journey

“I am natural because I am God because I am African because how I was made is how I’m supposed to be so I don’t need to chemically alter it or make it better than because it was best the way it came out.”

ReeAnna shares her natural hair journey

“I decided to go natural to strengthen my hair. After over 20 years of having relaxed hair, my hair has suffered from breakage along with other issues; so going natural was the only way of saving my hair.”