Immigrant doctor allegedly has his Black mistress tortured in forced abortion

An illicit affair with a wealthy and connected physician has resulted in the alleged kidnapping, torture and forced abortion of his Black mistress. Dr. Vignendra Ariyarajah, a Harvard-trained cardiologist from Malaysia, faces charges in Brooklyn, New York, that he masterminded the brutal torture of his mistress Paul Marie Raymond. Ariyarajah was allegedly angered that Raymond had […]

Body of Sgt. La David Johnson found days after ambush tied up

Last month, the U.S. Department of Defense announced the death of four soldiers in the country of Niger in Africa. The soldiers were ambushed with rocket-propelled grenades and machine-gun fire. One of the soldiers killed was U.S. Army Sgt. La David Johnson, a father of two with another child expected in January. Johnson’s body was left […]

Autistic boy bound and burned alive by his mom

According to FOX6 News, the Milwaukee Fire Department was dispatched to investigate reports of smoke coming from an apartment on Sept. 28, 2017. The firefighters forced entry into the apartment of Amelia Di Stasio, 23, and found smoke coming from the kitchen stove and what they initially thought was a pile of clothes in the bathtub. […]

Victim opens up about 40 hours of torture by gang

In December 2015, Nicholas Kollias and fellow senior Ani Okeke Ewo, both University of Rochester football players, were kidnapped near the New York campus. The two friends were the victims of a case of mistaken identity. A few days before the pair was kidnapped, a drug deal went bad near the apartment that one of […]

4 Chicago torture suspects denied bail; attorneys defend their character

The Chicago four — Jordan Hill, 18; Tesfaye Cooper, 18; and sisters Brittany, 18, and Tanisha Covington, 24 —  tortured a severely disabled white 18-year-old who suffers from schizophrenia and attention deficit disorder (ADD). The senseless beating was captured on cellphone video by one of the assailants and has since been viewed by millions. The graphic […]

Chicago torture case sparks debate about Blacks charged with hate crimes

The recent torture of a White teen, described as a special needs student has ignited a national dialogue on race in America. Since the inception of America the vast majority of hate crimes against people of color have been perpetrated by Whites. These crimes have included slavery, lynchings, beatings and the destruction of entire Black towns. […]

Arrest made in torture, killing of Atlanta rapper ILLA

Another senseless killing has rocked the Atlanta rap music community as rapper “Illa,” whose real name is James Sramek, 29, was found dead along with his mother, Nicola Sramek. Police in Gwinnett County, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, found the bodies of the mother and son earlier this week. According to police, the Srameks, who had […]

Relationship ends with hot oil, torture and hostage crisis by demented woman

A horrific hostage ordeal has ended for one New York man after his girlfriend almost tortured him to death earlier this week. Police say Carlton Adams, 52, was held hostage by his live-in girlfriend Myeshia Hawkins-Taylor, 41, for 36 hours. According to her now deleted Facebook page, she met her older lover while in substance […]

10 shocking things in the CIA report: Anal abuse and near drowning

1) The CIA ran a secret prison called COBALT. “Conditions at CIA detention sites were poor, and were especially bleak early in the program. CIA detainees at the COBALT detention facility were kept in complete darkness and constantly shackled in isolated cells with loud noise or music and only a bucket to use for human […]

CIA torture report embarrasses US

An explosive report released by the Senate Intelligence Committee has revealed the heinous nature of CIA interrogations after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The document, which was declassified and redacted, proved what many suspected, that the CIA’s use of torture violated United States and international law. However, the Bush administration ignored governing law and gave the CIA permission […]

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