Photo credit: Jeannie Greenwald

You read that headline right, folks [laughing]. Me and water are not bff’s, but I tried. So, stay with me here! We all woke up to fresh coffee brewing on a sunny day here on Eagle Island. All the ladies came down to the kitchen where our house moms, Leigh and Linda, were preparing a hearty breakfast for us. We had red-skinned potatoes and homemade salmon quiche. Talk about yummy … It was awesome!

Leigh had given all of us ladies our agenda for the afternoon, which included kayaking. I looked at everyone as they got excited because I was the only one who’d never done this outdoor water sport. I was not going to be defeated, though, and quickly got focused. I changed into my swimsuit and headed down with the girls to the dock where Danny Grissette, our kayaking guide, greeted us.

There were six kayaks waiting for us and, one by one, we all lowered ourselves into them. My boat was my new friend Jeannie’s favorite color — yellow. By her being the tiniest person, she had to get the ugly boat. We both laughed. So, it was my turn to get in, and I got so nervous. I said, “David, if this thing turns over … Lawd, help me, Jesus!” He chuckled and told me that I would be fine. He said canoes tip over more quickly than kayaks. I side-eyed Danny but got in anyway.

So, I was in the boat with my pink shades on, styling and profiling as we paddled down the creek. Danny said I was doing great for a first-timer, but, boy, were my arms tired afterward. Someone yelled out, “Hey, I see a baby alligator!”  I quickly circled the dock and waved to David that I was done. I was so over this thing called “kayaking!”

All the girls said, “Aw, come on Tami. You can do it.” I was like, “I’m good. I will sit right here and take pictures while y’all get eaten by the alligators. No, thanks!” It really was not that scary and was quite safe. I’m just a drama queen and a diva was tired and hot! For my first time kayaking, I found it to be quite relaxing, but one must be in shape to paddle up and down the creek. I’ll pass next time, and enjoy the fun from afar.