Serena must need a boyfriend badly. She’s advertising her availability by posting near-naked photos of herself on Twitter.

Ok, Serena, let me get this straight. Last week, you had a deranged stalker arrested at the doorstep of your home. This week, you are tweeting pics of yourself in various stages of undress from the bedroom of your house.

Do you have a death wish, Serena? Are you that bored or lonely that you would show yourself in panties and a bra behind a see-through curtain? Has your elevator stop going to the top floor? This is crazy.

And the hypocrisy of it all. Why would you have a man arrested at your home if you’re going to just tease and entice other mentally misshaped sociopaths to your doorstep? That’s like hanging a dead and rotting animal from your front door and, then, wondering why hungry bears and coyotes keep snooping around your house.

Put your clothes back on, you silly girl, get back on the tennis court and tighten up your game.

On Thursday, Serena posted a new avatar on her Twitter page, a risqué photo that has us peeping at her through a lace curtain while she “unknowingly” looks the other way in white bra and panties. Yes, it’s a sexy photo. You can clearly see the silhouette of her curvaceous and ample behind, but it’s not pornographic. It’s actually a sexy shot that you’d expect to glean from a photo shoot.

But it’s unwise. Serena could have been seriously injured — or worse — by a dude who actually crept into her dressing room at the Home Shopping Network, then later trespassed at her private address. She should seriously reconsider taking any sexy or nude photos in the foreseeable future.

terry shropshire

Terry Shropshire

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