J.Lo’s Ex-Husband Wins Case Releasing Their Intimate Home Sex Tape

Jennifer Lopez is soon to face public humiliation as a Los Angeles judge issued a ruling Friday morning that will allow her ex-husband, Ojani Noa, to release the intimate sex tape footage that J.Lo has been battling to be kept disclosed for months. The couple was married during her pre- P.Diddy and, current hubby, Mark Anthony, days in 1997 — the two were divorced a year later.

Initially, the law stood strong in that the release of the footage would violate the confidentiality agreement Noa signed. However court documents, obtained by RadarOnline.com reveal that Noa somehow found a loophole in the law and he ended up selling the footage to his current girlfriend, Claudia Vazquez for her to release it on his behalf.  Vasquez and Noa have been trying to release the DVD for years and in the past accused J.Lo of keeping her and her boyfriend Noa “broke” because of the legal stipulations forbidding the release of the footage. Making statements like that and the fact that Vazquez’s man is a waiter at a restaurant make it clearer that money is and always has been the number one motivation in this case.

Man oh’ man were the O’Jays right…its crazy what horrible things people will do for love of that “mighty dolla’” and that “mean green!” What makes it even worse is that I’m almost sure that Noa and Vasquez will get what they want in the end, and a whole lot of it too, especially once that tape goes viral and hits the shelves. And to Mrs. “J. to tha L.O.” after all of this court battling, you might want to “Let go and let God” on this one, girl. Best wishes to you and your family.

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