The Troy Davis case stands as one of the top news stories of 2011. However, the  name Troy Davis  was nonexistent as a trending topic on Twitter on the day before his scheduled execution.

The website reported  a quote by rapper Big Boi which said,  #TroyDavis was the #2 trending topic in ATL 5 minutes ago, now his name has been removed completely!!!”

In fact, the #TroyDavis and #TooMuchDoubt hashtags were not top trending topics in any city in the world. It would seem impossible for #TroyDavis to not be a top trending topic considering that several prominent celebrities and top news organizations and blogs have posted Troy Davis-related links on their Twitter accounts that were retweeted hundreds of times.

Although reps for Twitter have yet to release a statement or Tweet involving the issue, it’s likely that the company decided to censor the #TroyDavis hashstag.

To prevent public disruption in the past,  the website censored trending topics involving the Egyptian uprising and WikiLeaks.

But while the #TroyDavis hashtag is currently absent from trending topics, those who are concerned about Ray J, Fabolous, or #sidechickbirthdaygifts are welcome to tweet away. –amir shaw

A.R. Shaw

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