Minerva Pérez, Executive Producer and Host of Latina Voices LLC

Minerva Pérez is the executive producer and host of Latina Voices LLC,  as well as the CEO and president of Minerva Perez Media LLC.
Pérez exploded onto the media stage and her career took off with a bang, after experiencing her “Aha” moment. “[It was] when I won a communications scholarship from a local TV station in the Rio Grande Valley.”
Although she wears several high-profile hats, Pérez says “It’s not the titles that are important, it’s what you do with those titles to help others that is important.”
“Perseverance, patience and punctuality,” are the characteristics of a powerful woman Pérez adds. “Success is within your reach if you’re “bilingual, focused, compassionate, and if you [work to] be your best.” –zondra hughes

Zondra Hughes

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out

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