Atlanta Falcons running back Michael Turner has asked a judge to enforce an order to stop one of his multiple baby’s mammas from talking trash about him on Twitter – or ban her from the social media platform altogether.

After Turner’s baby’s momma No. 5, Maria Grissom, publicly noted via Twitter that Turner ,30, wasn’t involved in her child’s life, the 45-year-old Atlanta socialite launched a “get to know me and my baby” campaign on the social networking site. Grissom contacted sites like and the Falcon’s official twitter account to introduce her daughter to the masses and now Turner wants her to stop.

 Why would a mother send her young daughter’s photo out to news outlets? To put him on blast, that’s why, and make him come up with those ends to subsidize her daughter’s schooling.

The media recently revealed recently that Turner brought up the tweets in a recent court battle with Grissom, who took him to court seeking almost $60,000 in “advanced” daycare paymen

Several of Turner’s women found out about each other and it’s alleged that he’s been hiding all his babies’ mama’s from each other.

“That’s so sad it pisses me off to see him doing Rooms To Go (commercials) around Christmas and he haven’t seen his own kid,” another of Turner’s baby’s mama said to the media. “He goes around saying he is single until he create a baby then he run. I think we all just need to pray for him because I clearly think he has a problem.”

Unfortunately, Turner is not the only one with a whole tribe of kids out of wedlock, not by a long shot. Below are the 10 most prolific baby-makers in sports. Some of these numbers of babies and babies’ mamas will shock you.

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