Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to drool.

Sofia Vergara has long been known as one of the sexiest women in the industry, and her newest shoot with GQ Mexico proves all of that and more!

The Modern Family star is the cover girl on this month’s issue of GQ Mexico in a leopard bra and panty set, but things really heat up inside with photos of the actress disrobing.

Sofia Vergara may have just taken the cake for the best topless photo ever run in a magazine after this shoot.

Aside from taking it all off, the 39-year-old actress talks about her character in Modern Family being tailor made to fit her, and how it feels to be considered a sex symbol when she is nearly 40 years old.

Check out the excerpts from the article below:

On the differences between her character Gloria in ‘Modern Family’ and herself:

“Gloria was written for me, thinking of me. It is a variation of me. Me and my mother, we are all Latino. Through Gloria I naturally express myself in my English with a heavy Spanish accent. At the beginning, here in America, I sought to correct my accent. Now I do not care, I speak with a Spanish accent, people laugh, I like them all and have fun.”

On if she feels ‘exploited’ by her character:

“Not at all. It is I who takes the chances presented. My career is because of my look and I am not ashamed of it. My look has opened so many doors. But I also know that if I didn’t have something else, my career would have ended long ago. That’s why I see Sophia Loren as the perfect example of beauty, sex appeal and how the one presented in public.”

On being considered a sex symbol at nearly 40 years old:

“I am happy. Indeed it is strange, I remember when my mother was 40 and I saw it as great. Now I am included in the lists of the best butt or breasts with top actresses like Megan Fox Mila Kunis or who are 20 years younger than me. That’s a great satisfaction for me.”

Be sure to take a look at the accompanying almost NSFW photos of Sofia in the gallery above and thank the fine folks over at GQ Mexico for making your Monday a whole lot better.

Source Global Grind