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Injustice in Ferguson, Missouri revealed by Twitter protesters


While many mainstream outlets are covering the Ferguson protests after two prominent journalists were arrested, Twitter protesters have kept the news coming since Michael Brown was killed. From new highlights, photos and comments from those on the ground, and words from those around the world, social media has become the hub for important information surrounding issues important to the people. The death of Mike Brown ignited the fire between St. Louis citizens and the government, but Twitter revealed racial issues that have persisted in the small town for quite some time. Also revealed is the fact that the U.S. government has similar military armory in most states and a significant amount in the southern states.

The two journalists, Wesley Lowery and Ryan Riley, who were arrested for trespassing at a local McDonald’s in Ferguson made headlines after Twitter followers and fellow staff noticed they hadn’t tweeted in about 45 minutes.

Every minute, Twitter users from Ferguson, Missouri, and beyond have kept the fight alive and the information flowing through #Ferguson, and #MikeBrown hashtags. Take a look at some news and photos from Twitter.

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  1. butterbeansuga on August 14, 2014 at 1:19 pm

    one thing for sure twitter and facebook came along in time . this is the new weapon against racial hate crime such as this .. a mam was shot down like adog for no reason and they cant see why these protestors are so angry? quanel x and the panthers may be headed down there this is truely outta hand . .these people need to do a peacful protest what missouri officials know is there are no prominent leaders will ing to come there and probably been warned against comeing .. and the kkk love this . the white supremeist kill like this to provoke this kind of rally and anger .. they know the goverment and state gonna send out more skinn heads riding in tanks pretending to be helping . you cant shoot in a crowd like that and not be hitler your self ..