The Desperation Continues: Brian McKnight Makes New Sexually Explicit Track



 McKnight Makes Another Sexually Explicit Track 

With no semblance of friends or handlers genuinely concerned with his career, an R&B singer has released another sexually charged song to many people’s dismay. Brian McKnight is making headlines again with an explicit track from his forthcoming “adult” mixtape. As previously reported, McKnight caused an uproar in April with his song “Ready To Learn (P—- Works)” offering hands-on help to ladies with their private parts.

Today things took a turn for the worse after McKnight’s next track, an anthem for hit the Internet. With the chorus “Head on over to” and lyrics like,” You wanna see some f——- anal, I can get you close enough to smell,” it’s clear that McKnight is either extremely desperate  or just incredibly and utterly bored. TMZ reports that the singer made the track to thank the site for helping with his “P—- Works” sales.

Listen to a clip of McKnight’s new track after the jump. What do you think the rest of his “adult” mixtape will sound like? –danielle canada


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