Stevie J and Joseline Are Engaged; Photo Gallery of Their Best Moments

In what has to be the hook-up of the year in urban America, rolling out has learned that Stevie J and his protegée are getting married.

While you’re picking your jaw up off the floor, we’ll repeat the statement: Stevie J just put a phat rock on Joseline Hernandez’s ring finger, according to The scoop on the set of “Love & Hip Hop” snitched and said Stevie J spoke with producers to relay the fact that he’s going to reign in Joseline’s “ratched-ness” by hitching up with the woman. Stevie J was also savvy enough to ensure that the producers of “Love & Hop Hop” filmed him proposing to Joseline.

The proceeding was described as “moving” and “touching”, which are interesting terms, considering the buffoonery that shoots out from the TV screen in gushes when the show is on.

So now that you’ve took a big swallow of this breaking information, how do you feel about Stevie J and Joseline’s alleged engagement?

And, how do you feel about Mimi being burnt like that? She’s the one who birthed a child for Stevie J after a long relationship and Stevie J didn’t even as much buy her a piece of bubblegum for her troubles.

Looks like the drama and intrigue are getting ratcheted up (there’s that word again) in the upcoming episodes. Stay tuned … In the meantime, here is a photo gallery of the best photos of the soon-to-be-married Stevie J and protege Joseline Hernandez.

–terry shropshire

Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

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  1. Stevie j is scared that joseline going let everyone know stevie knew she was born a man…I mean it something bc it’s like she runs him and he let her….. if he decides to leave her she’s going to let it be known…he’s a punk so stop putting on stevie we already know it just up to mi mi dumb ass if she still wants to be with your gay ass but if it was me I want fuck with you anymore keep fucking jose….

  2. Stevie J. is a whorish, irresponsible male that throws his D around Atlanta to any ol’ thang. He has no respect for his kids mothers, he has no respect for women and his ego is unwarranted (I mean, just look at his face). He cares about nothing but himself and has the mentality of a 13 year old boy.
    Joseline is a loose, reformed STROSTITUE (a stripper that is also a prostitute) that now… instead of cash… she f***s for beats & opportunity. She’s one of these broken, damaged, insecure type females that will latch on to any man of importance that pretends to show her love and affection. If you cut her open, that b**** will be BLACK on the inside from all of the dirt and scandalous things she’s done.
    As the saying goes, a relationship built on a rocky foundation will NEVER last. He cheated on Mimi with Joseline’s homewrecking a**… and he’ll cheat on Joseline with the next sloppy chic. Their relationship seems more like a pimp-hoe type relationship anyway. They are both TRASH and since like attracts like… I guess they deserve each other.

    1.  Yeah I agree with SOME of what you said but why do y’all see Mimi as some “Holier Than Thou” heifer? She’s dumb as possum sh*t and is ONE of 5 baby mamas of Stevie. SHe sat up for 15 yrs and let this RETARD play her like that (my GAWD & his grinning/smurking face when she’s reading him) then had a baby 2 yrs ago after all the mess he put her through BEFORE that. 15 yrs later she HAS NO RING, no nothing. I LMAO when she presented him with legal papers talkin bout “I get 20%” HO YOU’RE NOT HIS WIFE YOU CANT MAKE THOSE TYPES OF DEMANDS! 15 yrs & several hundred whores later he marrys another chick LMAO! HAAAA! I’m lovin this sh**t I hope she feels as dumb as she looks on national TV. I mean, y’all forget LESS than 15 yrs ago, Stevie J f*cked Eve and recorded it WITHOUT  her knowledge, and Mimi stayed with his raggedy no good ass after that! Everyone involved in this LUST triangle aint sh**t

  3. Is Stevie that stupid?! Josephine is not only a Ho but a inarticulate dumb a– one. The only thing good out of this would be that Mimi can go on with her life and learn from this: she should have BEEN left him-didn’t she get it?

  4. Is Stevie that stupid?! Josephine is not only a Ho but a inarticulate dumb a– one. The only thing good out of this would be that Mimi can go on with her life and learn from this: she should have BEEN left him-didn’t she get it?

  5. A threesome of weak minded people.  Mimi, just having a child by someone is not reason enough to keep giving them excuses for being so trashy.  If you don’t wise up and leave this jackass alone, you are going to end up with some kind of disease.  How dumb can you be?

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