Is ‘B—-‘ the New N-Word? Readers Respond

Kanye dedicates a song to his perfect b----. Or, wait, was it that he wrote a song "Perfect B-----" as a way to show his love to his woman, Kim Kardashian?

How times have changed. Fifteen years ago, a woman would be ready to tear a man’s throat out and feed it to her dog if a man dared to call her the B-word.

Today, Kanye writes a song that is dedicated to the love of his life, Kim Kardashian, and he titles the song “Perfect B—-.”

He even admitted it himself via social media:

“I wrote the song Perfect B—- about Kim,” Kanye Tweeted.

Since his girlfriend is a Kardashian, she’ll probably be proud to have such a song that not only salutes her this way but takes pains to describe her voluptuous form.

Kanye is not alone. Rapper Diamond told rolling out that she has a group called Pretty B—-es. Paris Hilton routinely calls her BFF’s “my b——.” and Joseline Hernandez said on the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” reunion show that she is a “b—- and is proud to be one.”

Diamond has an all-female crew called "Pretty B------"

In all the examples above, using the B-word is supposed to be a term of love and endearment. But is it? Since when did it become acceptable to name a woman after a female canine? And why would another “disadvantaged group” or minority take a derogatory term meant to cause emotional harm to them and use it as a term of affection?

How do you feel about Kanye’s new song? Some of our readers forwarded their response.

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Terry Shropshire

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