TV Host Will Horton Encourages Others to Find Greatness in Themselves

Professional trainer, coach, lecturer and television host Will Horton is the author of many books dedicated to success.  Horton demystifies success and breaks it down to its most finite concept that is within reach to anyone — if they abide by some simple principles. His book, The 30 Power Principles: A Psychology of Success is a handbook for anyone wanting and desiring to live their dreams and give greatness to their lives. The 30 Power Principles book and workbook were written to help individuals discover the personal powers that unlock their genius and greatness.  –tony binns

Your newest television endeavor, “The Greatest in You with Will Horton,” what provided the inspiration for that program?
Well, I have been writing books since 1999.  And in late 1999, two young men came to me — in two different weeks — and told me [that]reading my book changed their lives and that is when I knew I was on the path to my destiny.  So since 1999, I’ve developed a series of books — about 40 books — called, The Wisdom for Greatness Success Series and through my research and work, I have come to know that greatness is not a destination, it is an awakening, and so it has been my purpose since communicating with these young men to help awaken the greatness that is slumbering in the minds of us all. Helping individuals to give greatness to their lives is my mission and television gives me the opportunity to reach a larger number of people.

What advice do you impart to your audience and clients who seek their greatness?
Many indviduals are looking for some secret of success. I tell them here are no secrets of success; there is a psychology of success.

There are specific principles that when practiced and acted upon will produce unlimited success and greatness. I let them know that they were born with greatness. Greatness is inside of them, waiting, slumbering in their unconscious minds.

How can we tap into that “greatness” you speak of?
That is what I teach in my seminars. Greatness is within yourself — the self that is dormant, the self that has to be awakened. Greatness is a proprietary entity. It is your personal property, and you have the keys that will open the door to your greatness. The 30 Power Principles will assist you, be your coach, and help you unlock the door to your greatness.

For more information, visit  “The Greatness in You with Will Horton” airs Sundays on WLS ABC 7.  Check local listing for time.


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