Don King

Don King has consistently supported Republican candidates and in 2005 he sang his praises for George W. Bush.


Nicholas Robinson

I'm a lover of quirks and writing compelling pieces for my readers.

  • zobop republic

    I’ve noticed these celebs who are Republicans are wealthy. Do poor blacks vote Republican?
    If these people want to vote for Romney I believe they will regret it in the end. They won’t realize it until the train is two feet in front of them!

    • Likewaterforchocolate

      Nope, poor blacks don’t, but poor whites sure as hell do. I will never understand that.

  • belowzer0

    Who is listening to and cares about Stacy Dash anyway? Maybe she needs the attention to boost her “C” performances in everything she has appeared in and is the part of the other 53% of Americans that Mitt cares for. Has she acted since MoMoney? belowzerO

    • Likewaterforchocolate

      Yes, she was recently in Single Ladies, but she couldn’t even keep THAT job.

  • belowzer0

    oh as for Shyne..who is he? seems bitter about not being in allowed in the States…maybe he is part of the other 53% as well that Mitt cares for.

  • Likewaterforchocolate

    Sorry Shyne, but the 15 minutes of fame handouts for being black and supporting Mitt Romney are all used up. This is the most self-serving agenda pushing I have ever seen. “How can Obama hope to quell inner city violence without using Shyne?” Who is this joker? Shyne, unfortunately the time that you were relevant has passed, you’re not even allowed into the country and you will never be relevant again.

  • MadPoet

    LOL! This is fucking ridiculous Shyne! Your voice not that damn powerful! Your entire CD was in some mob negative b/s anyway. To actually endorse Romney & say President Obama should let you back in the country is outrageous! That’s like asking a klan member can you f#ck his daughter! I’m tired of these handkerchief head rich & over educated alike house nigga’s speaking against this Brotha Obama. You MF go vote for the devil & live with that. Nigga’s are the most powerful yet confused race of anyone. Stop supporting these sell-outs TV shows, albums & whatever else their selfish greedy asses have accomplished.