Who has the hottest boy toy, Jennifer Lopez or Madonna? J.Lo’s boyfriend is Casper, 24, one of her back-up dancers. Madonna’s boyfriend is French hottie  Brahim Zaibat, 25 (Madonna is a stunning 54-year-old).

If you look at their photos, Madonna and Brahim seem more authentic; Brahim doesn’t seem interested in the cameras, Madonna has his attention. On the other hand, just call Casper “Zoolander” baby, because he is ready to floss for the paparazzi every time he and J.Lo step out of the door. Also, J.Lo has taken quite a few polished professional shots with her man.

As for the rumor mill, both ladies appear to really, really, dig their younger men. J-Lo, 42, wants to have a baby with Casper, and Madonna wants to marry  Brahim.

Here are a few more shots of the happy Cougars with their loving cubs.

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out