The Daniel fast

With 2013 quickly approaching, everyone is making resolutions, and every year most all have the same resolution – eat better, exercise and get healthy.

We have found a great way to do this while building a closer relationship with God and focusing on your faith.  The Daniel Fast promotes a healthy way of eating while helping you focus on your relationship with God. In the book of Daniel, the prophet makes several references of fasting.  Due to these references, the fast was named after Daniel.   Before starting the fast, one should focus on their faith, reserve time with God, pray and avoid any distractions. Whether you decide on the 10-day, 14-day or 21-day fast, do your best to stick with it to bring in a healthier you for 2013.

Here are the simple foods to eat to jumpstart your 2013 health regimen with the  Daniel Fast.

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