Keyshia Cole and Daniel Gibson reconfirm their love on Twitter

Keyshia Cole has been stirring up drama for the past two weeks over her online feud with Michelle Williams, but the brash singer took the drama to new heights earlier this week when it seemed that she and her husband, Daniel “Boobie” Gibson were feuding online as well. But with rumors swelling that Cole and Gibson are on the road to divorce, the resilient couple have now come out and reconfirmed their love for each other on, not surprisingly, Twitter.

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, Gibson tweeted sentimental photos of himself and Cole and expressed his love for his wife.

We the cause a all of tha commotion.. Ya mouth runnin but where is ya goin’. [It] just amazes me how.. In a world already filled with so much tragedy & hardship. Ppl still would Luv 2 see us fail instead of show #luv. Well wont happen here.. @KeyshiaCole is my heart & what we have is from the soul. Can’t nothin Break that. Happy VDay!” Gibson wrote.

And Cole didn’t leave her husband hanging, she also expressed her love for him on the social media site as well.

“When Love is real! HappyVday from ya Favs @BoobyGang and myself! beautiful people! #Boss!!,” she wrote.

“A valentines gift me and the hunny can both enjoy! YessSir! #TeamU&MeBaby!!! @boobysworld1,” she added.

Well, congrats to Cole and Gibson on their happy marriage and they’re not the only couple who’ve weathered the storm of divorce rumors. Check out some other couples who’ve endured those pesky rumors below. –nicholas robinson


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