Lashontae Heckard vs. Ashanti: Is Nelly’s new girlfriend hotter than his ex?

Lashontae vs. Ashanti

Before she was spotted on the scene this weekend with her beau Nelly, Lashontae Heckard was known as a video model turned actress regarded for her striking beauty and exotic looks. Now the confirmed apple of the St. Louis rapper’s eye, Lashontae is a hot topic of discussion especially for some wondering how Nelly left behind his bond with singer Ashanti for his current relationship with the model.

As previously reported, Nelly and Ashant — who dated for nearly nine years — parted ways in 2012. There have since been rumors of infidelity on both parts.

Now, however, Nelly looks perfectly happy with Heckard whose given fans only a few glimpses of their romance via social media all the while being slung through a mud by people like Ashanti’s sister who hinted at her being a “man stealer.”

Below we’ve compiled comparison photos of both ladies showing their similar hairstyles and style of dress.

You can compare and contrast for yourself and decide if Nelly made the right choice, physically at least, with Lashontae “Tae” Heckard. –danielle canada


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