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Al Roker to be replaced on ‘Today’ Show

Longtime ‘Today’ show weatherman Al Roker is facing job loss. The national TV figures contract has ended and he may be replaced by “Weather Channel” host Sam Champion. Roker earned an estimated $8 million from his Today host position and other projects tied to his job at NBC.  Although Roker’s net worth is around $30 million losing the Today show will hurt his branding and wallet.

In 2012, Roker stoked controversy when he spoke out against Ann Curry not being chosen to Replace Katie Couric at the anchor desk. Curry had been a reporter for the “Today” for over 13 years and was widely thought to be the next co-host and the first Asian American co-host on the show. However it was reported that “Today” show anchor Matt Lauer did not get along with Ann Curry. TMZ stated that one of the conditions that Matt Lauer insisted on during his contract negotiations was that Ann Curry be terminated. Later that year Curry gave a tearful goodbye on the Today show and was replaced by Savannah Guthrie.

Al Roker then started what could only be called a stealth protest. He was accused of messing up live segments and took a jab at Matt Lauer during a segment on Olympic rowers. When talking about after race traditions that includes throwing a teammate in the water, Matt Lauer jokingly said “The tradition here in New York is you throw her in the Hudson River.” To which Al Roker quickly responded “Which is different than our tradition, which is you throw one of us under the bus, but that’s another story.”  The comment was considered a direct shot at Matt Lauer.

Al Roker is well liked by the Today show audience and his departure could have very negative results for NBC, especially after its controversial firing of Ann Curry. Roker’s agents are shopping him around currently for other possible projects. Today show producer Don Nash stated to the NY Post

“As much as we are happy to have Sam in the family at the Weather Channel, the ‘Today’ show is not in the market for a weather anchor. Al is beloved by NBC and our viewers. [He and Sam] are longtime friends and supportive of each other.”

Mo Barnes

"Mo Betta" Maurice "Mo" Barnes is a graduate of Morehouse College and Political Scientist based in Atlanta. Mo is also a Blues musician.

  • Jay

    If Al leave NBC I will stop watching

    • Mo Barnes

      Thank you for your comments. I grew up watching Al on TV, NBC is making a mistake.I invite you to comment for other articles I have written for rollingout.



  • Bee Eastman

    If Al leaves, I will stop watching the show. I dislike Matt anyways and all the stupid chatter all at the same time is annoying. It once was a news program, now it’s a tea party.

  • Rick

    Big Mistake bringing in the Gay Beachboy (Champion) with his $2000 suits worn with gay sneakers! He wears short sleeved shirts on remote shoots so he can Flex while holding the microphone. He has totally ruined the Weather Channel mornings. Stephanie Abrams would be a better choice. BTW, Roker is NOT even a Meteorologist anyway!

  • Rocky

    I agree, I love Al Roker and I he leaves I will definitely not watch the show at all. He makes my day every morning and instead of trying to fire him give the man a raise.

    • kitte

      Looks like axxhole got family and friends to write “If he leaves…” Crap. If he leaves the next week no one will remember his nasty digs to Tamara all the time. His big mouth and hard yo look at. Sam will ultimately make that happen. To all_see yah !!!

      • Rich

        I will start watching the Today Show if they get rid of Al. The move is coming ten years too late. He is too arrogant and pompous.

  • tracey

    You can tell that all roeker doesn’t like tamron hall. Is all gets fired I will still watch the today show,because tamron makes the show worth watching.

  • Linda Layell

    i LOVE Al Roker if he leaves i will stop watching the today show Matt Leuer needs to leave

  • Bassman2092

    Ever since that debacle with Ann Curry, I’ve been turned off my the Today Show. I’ve lost all respect for Matt Lauer. I like Al Roker. He strikes me as being a down to earth guy. The “Today Show” needs a revamp. If they dump Al, I’m down the road. “Good Morning America”

  • Doug Mend

    “Wake up with Al”, really perv??

  • robert albriiiiiiight

    we should be talking about getting rid of hiper miss hall. al is fine keep him . if hall stays my family we will not come back.