Wendy Williams worried her son may not ‘turn out right’

Wendy Williams & Kevin Hunter Jr.

Usually, the drama and trouble of other stars’ lives is what becomes the Hot Topics of Wendy Williams’ talk show. However, last week, Williams’ own life became the hottest of Hot Topics stories when she revealed with teary eyes that she felt her teenage son, Kevin Hunter Jr., no longer liked her. Since then, Kevin has assured his mom that he does indeed love her and Williams has explained that it’s just the growing pains of raising a teenage boy. However, in a new interview with Life & Style, Williams speaks again about the emotional segment and says that, like any mother, she’s just worried about how her son will turn out as a man.

“I’m trying to discipline my son,” explained Williams of her strict style of parenting with Kevin. “I don’t want to be his friend — I am his mother, and I am the boss.”

During her teary confession, Williams admitted that her son doesn’t always understand where she’s coming from as she tries to instill values in him. She explains that she’s so hard on him sometimes because she refuses to let him be disrespectful person to her or anyone else.

“I will not get lost in the pool of disrespect that I see coming from kids his age. He will not curse at me and he will never, ever roll his eyes!” she exclaimed.

Although her tough love method has obviously caused tension between her and her son, Williams gushed about the fact that, after her tear-filled segment aired, Kevin made her a hand-made gift and assured her that he loves and respects her.

“He made me a beautiful card and gave it to me the next day,” Williams said.

Williams explains that she’s going to “stay the course” when it comes to her parenting style with Kevin and she reveals that, like any parent, one of her worst fears is that, if she doesn’t do her job right, Kevin will turn out to be a horrible adult.

“I’m going to raise my voice whenever it’s warranted,” she explained. “There’s no guarantee he’ll turn out right — but I’m doing what I think is right as his mom.”

We commend Williams for taking her responsibility as a mother so seriously and we hope that she understands that, one day when Kevin is older, he will understand that, like every parent, his mother is doing the best she can without a blueprint. Hopefully, all of her efforts will help him to become an upstanding man. We’re certainly inclined to think that they will. – nicholas robinson




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