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Confused people do not buy. Most marketing, while intended to explain, simply confuses. We create messages that make our products sound more feature-rich and important. We add options, levels and configurations in an effort to expand choice. We extend the brand as a way to take advantage of built-in loyalty. In short, we take something that is best explained in one simple conversation and make it puzzling.

Here’s what every first-year psychology major can tell you: when the brain is confused it will default to no. In other words, given too many choices, options or messages, a prospect will lose interest or have trouble making a decision.

You need to make it simple, end of story. Now, simple doesn’t have to mean simplistic, but you need your message, motivation or attraction to confirm clarity around just one thing. Prospects need to be able to easily conclude such things as, why I would buy from you and not someone else, how I will gauge value, or why this is a smart decision. If your marketing doesn’t help people come to one simple conclusion, their confusion will hold them hostage.

Below are five ways to help prospects focus on one really good idea.

Share your one, single-minded purpose
Businesses that generate the most buzz are those that are very good at communicating why they do what they do. In some cases, what they do is almost secondary to their very compelling why they do it. Find your story, your why, and make that the single-minded focus of your message.

Communicate one simple difference
In the sea of messages competing to be heard, make your message stand out by truly communicating a difference that matters. Most of your competitors are saying the same thing, grab attention by going against the norm in a way that makes people take note and talk.

Wrap your brand around one word
Come up with the word you want everyone to think of first when they think of you and your brand, and then do everything in your power to own that one word. You’ll have to say it a thousand times before anyone gets it, but it is one of the most powerful long-term strategies ever. It takes commitment, but it’s worth it.

Tell them one perfect reason why
We’re wired to compare when we shop and our wiring is looking for one compelling reason to either buy from you or move on. Your job is to understand that perfect reason why and use it to communicate that buying from you is a very good decision.

Show them the best thing to do now
One of the greatest reasons prospects become indifferent is too many choices. I know that runs counter to a lot of marketing teaching, but in many businesses choice actually confuses. Many people can’t make a decision when given options. Give them the best option, tell them why it’s the best option, and tell them how to get the best option.

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