Police lied about Jordan Edwards being a threat before killing him


via Jordan Edwards family

Police officers mislead the public when they claimed that Jordan Edwards, 15, was a threat to police officers. It was initially reported by police that Edwards was killed because he was in a vehicle that moved aggressively in the direction of the responding  police. However, Balch Springs Police Chief recanted his statement. The vehicle was actually moving away from police when an officer shot a rifle at the car, striking the teenager in the head.

Furthermore, Edwards’ brothers watched him die.

The incident occurred on April 29 in the Balch Springs community in Dallas according to WFAA. A few neighbors in the community were upset over noise by teens who were at a house party. Police responded to the call about noise and said they heard gunshots when they arrived. The police also claimed that a car began to back down towards them. One officer pulled out a rifle and began firing inside the car. A bullet struck Jordan Edwards in the head.

Edwards, 15, was rushed to the hospital, but he eventually died. The Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled the death as a homicide.

Edwards’ family and friends said that he was an honor student who made straight A’s and a standout athlete. He never had disciplinary problems in school.

The incident serves as another reminder of how racism plays a major role when it come to police violence against Blacks. It’s highly unlikely that Edwards would be dead if he was a 15-year-old White honor student in a suburban community. Since his death, Edwards’ family has called for the police to be held accountable for their actions.

Police have yet to reveal the identity of the officer who killed Edwards and have not said if charges will be filed.

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  • Oak510finest
    May 2, 2017

    No way would cops lie about the reason for killing a unarmed black child. It just doesn’t happen…oh wait! Forget I said that. Well, it appears to be an innocent mistake and a need for better police training right? Darn it! can’t use that either since the cop used a assualt rifle to shoot the child in the head!

    Geesh, I am running out of lies…No no wait, that’s a typo I mean reasons, yeah reasons why these brave men would risk their lives and career using a assualt rifle to break up a party for a noise complaint.

    Oh well, back to Stormfront.com and the ALT-RIGHT blogs to see if someone has posted a more convincing response. Yes sarcasm was intended.?

  • Jason
    May 2, 2017

    Duh. Of course they lied. That is what cops do to cover up their illegal activities and misbehavior.

  • nosey rosy
    May 2, 2017

    the real issue? 1. black lives matter apparently has no power
    2. where is AL SHARPTON? 2. cop name not said yet, fear of retaliation from protestors?
    3. didnt 5 police officer just get killed in dallas , and dallas is not even the highest crime city
    4. we need that cop to work in chicago, if he want to chase real criminals
    5. sounds like PTSD from ex miltary trigger happy cops again
    6. zimmerman is still alive
    7 more excuse for not locking up a cold blooded killer ,, they wear badges too you know
    8. dallas police is already protesting wage issues , and pension issues , balch springs is next door to dallas only a few miles up the highway. so they all work together,

    true a car load of white kids would be told to go home and stop racing that car!! but they knew these people in that car was black cops fired anyway . thats racism at its best , police profiling is serious .

    • SrAgri
      May 4, 2017

      “2. cop name not said yet, fear of retaliation from protestors?”
      I’m surprised they didn’t release the name of the person who called the police to report the loud party. That’s usually the SOP when police overreact and shoot someone.

      “5. sounds like PTSD from ex miltary trigger happy cops again”
      Quite possibly. People just off of active duty do not need to go into policing (except maybe in some gang neighborhoods).

      “6. zimmerman is still alive”
      Which relates to this situation how? He didn’t go to a party and randomly start shooting people.

  • Paul
    May 7, 2017

    i would like to know why the police consistently cover up the wrongful acts of city officials?

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