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robert shumake- making a difference

robert shumake- making a difference

photo by steed media service

CEO, Inheritance Capital Group

Real estate investment mogul Robert Shumake’s double bottom line philosophy is to make a boatload of money and use that wealth to make a heck of a lot of difference in the world.

“There are so many people in our country today, in our world, that make tons of money and they don’t care about making a difference,” says Shumake, CEO of Inheritance Capital Group. “And there are so many people that make a difference that will never make money. If we can combine that (making a difference and making capital), as a business leader, I think that’s how we create the Carnegie legacy, the Kennedy legacies … and for making a difference, the King legacy.”

This coupling has helped Shumake develop a thriving empire that has contributed heavily to charitable causes such as the annual Robert Shumake Scholarship Relays, which focus on both athletic and academic achievement.

“It’s about making a difference. I’ve always wanted to make a difference in my life and my children’s lives and the life of my community,” explains Shumake, who was once a janitor at an automotive plant.

“I love real estate. I like putting my hand in [the] soil, putting the brick and the mortar together to build a company,” he adds. “You gotta have vision.” – janaya black

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