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Salt-N-Pepa Revisit the ’80s With Legends of Hip Hop Tour

One, two, three mic check! It’s time for you true hip-hop fans to rummage through the storage boxes in your attic and pull out those Gazelle sunglasses, door-knocker earrings, double belts, shell toe adidas, FILAs and Diadoras because Salt-N-Pepa’s here. The “Legends of Hip Hop Tour” featuring, Cheryl James and Sandy Denton (“Salt” and “Pepa,” respectively), and Deidre “Dee Dee” Roper (DJ Spinderella) is in full effect.

“Last year, the response was incredible. From Atlanta to D.C., we sold out each date. People really want to see us and we really wanted to make this happen for our fans. Also, the timing was just right and it just all came together perfectly,” offers Pepa.

Salt adds, “We know that the tour happens to be occurring during a milestone in our musical career, but more importantly,  it gives us an opportunity to reconnect with our fans and our friends in the business. When you have a chance to see people again that you’ve met along the way and hear their stories again, there’s nothing like it in the world.”

The first ever female rap crew broke barriers and gave women a voice in  a male dominated-industry. They transformed the way the music world saw women, forever. Lil Kim’s badgering of Nicki Minaj to pay homage is misguided. The true queens of the hip-hop dynasty are Salt-N-Pepa.  With the hit songs “Push It,”  “Tramp,”Shake Your Thang,” “Shoop” and “Whatta Man,” Salt-N-Pepa catapulted hip-hop to new levels. From safe sex to independence and respecting yourself as a woman, these hip-hop icons saw the urgency and importance of empowering females and used the mic to influence millions with their lyrics.

Legends, icons, trailblazers, pioneers, innovators and trendsetters are just a few words often used to describe this group. From Grammy to MTV Video Awards, they have won them all. Whether it’s the top of the charts or on stages at sold out coliseums across the country, they have done it all.

Salt expresses why they’ve enjoyed so much success and a lasting relationship. “The chemistry people feel between me and Pep is real. She’s the opposite of me and I was curious about her outrageousness. There was something there more than music that sustained us. As women, we have learned that communication is key.” –yvette caslin

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