Nicki Minaj Fires Back at Lil Kim on New Diss Record

Nicki Minaj Fires Back at Lil Kim on New Diss Record

Despite taking the heat from several blatant jabs by rival emcee Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj has remained, for the most part, relatively closemouthed about the beef between the two. But now, it seems the Young Money queen was merely holding back her assault after an audio snippet leaked to the Web featuring some scathing disses from Minaj.

In the officially untitled snippet, which the blogosphere is referring to as “Tragedy,” Minaj flexes her exaggerated vocals and takes shots at the Black Friday emcee’s recent paypal fiasco and deems her a “tragedy.”

“Pink Friday, Eminem 8 mile, It must hurt to sell your album on Paypal/Especially when you in the game 15-20, You was hot when Shaq teamed up with Penny/Man, you was magic/I mean, Look at you now ho, you just tragic/You a tragedy, You a parody, Last name Ann, first name Raggedy/These goofy b—–s is stupidity personified, Ayo Wayne, you wanna Gully, Go to Gaza side,” rapped Minaj.

According to, he producer of the diss track, Hit-Boy, took to Twitter after the snippet was leaked and revealed that the song wasn’t meant to be released to the public.

“I’m glad yall feeling that beat for that nicki verse. even tho it aint supposed to be out. I appreciate the Love,” tweeted Hit-Boy.

Although the supposedly unfinished song likely features a verse from Young Money chief Lil Wayne, it’s unclear whether the song will see an official release on Minaj’s presumed new record, which is rumored to be in the works.

What do you think of Minaj’s leaked diss against Lil Kim? –nicholas robinson

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