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Rapper Webbie Arrested on Drug Charges

Southern rapper Webbie may just lose his independence after he was arrested on April 4 in Marshal County, Tenn., for drug possession.

According to, police officers pulled over the Baton Rouge, La., rapper’s rented 2010 Nissan Altima and discovered 2 ounces of marijuana and $13,240 in a cardboard box sitting in Webbie’s lap. Police officials also reported that Webbie, who was in the front passenger seat, tossed marijuana out of the window in an attempt to evade arrest.

Unfortunately, the rapper was arrested on site and charged with drug possession and evidence tampering.

The night also ended in arrest for the other passengers in the car. The driver of the Altima was charged with driving with a suspended license. A third passenger, Michael Abbot, was charged with carrying a loaded .357 revolver and a fourth passenger, Tyrone Terrio, was also charged with marijuana possession.

Webbie, along with the other passengers, was held in a Marshall County jail overnight on a $21,000 bond.

Signed to Trill Entertainment, Webbie isn’t the only artist on the label who’s suffered legal drama in the last few months.

Late last year, his label mate and longtime collaborator, Lil Boosie, faced first-degree murder and drug charges.

No word yet on when Webbie or any of the other passengers will appear in court.

What do you think of Webbie’s marijuana arrest? –nicholas robinson