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Jordin Sparks’ Ex Leaks Graphic Photos of His Tool

Steph Jones, left, with Jordin Sparks, right

(Yawn.) … Jordin Sparks’ ex-boyfriend Steph Jones had the Internet abuzz with graphic photos of himself that somehow leaked online. I know he was outraged and mortified (yah, right).

Hey, the slimy and sleazy tactic has worked for so many others, so why not adopt the same strategy, especially if you are a wannabe star and you lust for any attention, positive or negative, to drive traffic to your website.

OK, so it worked, Steph. People now people know that you exist. Guess we can’t blame you, right? After trying the traditional route to achieving fame — things like presenting your music and showcasing your talent and clinging to the hemline of Jordin Sparks‘ dress — you thought you had no more options but to toss your sexual organ into cyberspace, hoping to create a visual feeding frenzy. I suppose you hope that people’s attention will then veer from your pubic region to your music.

But why is it happening so much? Last month, it was Chris Brown. And his ex-girl, freak machine Rihanna, seems to have photos of her in various stages of nudity leaked at regular intervals.

At least Diddy’s perennial jump off, Cassie, had the sense to try to contrive some outrage about her photos being leaked into cyberspace.

But I digress. In other, much more interesting news …

terry shropshire