Jordin Sparks torched for subpar national anthem rendition (videos)

Some fans prematurely and wrongly compared Sparks’ performance to the Fergie disaster of 2018
Jordin Sparks torched for subpar national anthem rendition (videos)
Jordin Sparks (Photo Credit: Splash News)

The way that Jordin Sparks belted out the national anthem at the Big 12 championship in Kansas City, Missouri, this past weekend was not the way she became the youngest winner in the history of “American Idol” at age 17 in 2004. Nor is it how the 33-year-old went on to boast a celebrated, multiplatinum career.

At least that’s how many fans feel after watching Sparks get into a trifle of trouble when the “Battlefield” artist attempted some verbal gymnastics during her rendition of the “Star-Spangled Banner” and landed badly, figuratively speaking.

The performance failed to resonate with many fans, and alarmed some others, who quickly made their feelings known on Twitter.

Others, however, told the anonymous critics to pump the brakes on comparing Sparks’ version of the national anthem to the atrocious performance by singer Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas in 2018.

To be clear, Sparks has sung the national anthem beautifully on previous occasions, including before Game 4 of the NBA Finals in 2017, at an NFL game in 2020 and again in 2022:

Super Bowl XLII National Anthem, in my home state of AZ. A moment I will never forget! 🎶WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! In my hometown, my dads legacy, ended the Patriots perfect season…the HELMET CATCH! Whew!! I’ll never forget standing on the sidelines with my dad waiting to go out, and he looked at me and said “Well, at least one of us made it.” My dad always dreamed of playing in the Super Bowl during his time with the Giants. He still made it, just with Team Jordin. 😌🏈I’m forever honored they asked me to sing!

Posted by Jordin Sparks on Sunday, February 13, 2022

Furthermore, there have been some renditions that have been described as absolutely blood-curdling and barbaric by fans – far worse than the few hiccups belched out by Sparks on Saturday, March 11.

The domain of horrid singing of the national anthem is nearly exclusively occupied by singer Fergie at the NBA All-Star Game in 2018. Some fans still remember where they were when Fergie opened the aperture in the middle of her face and ejected bile out of her mouth.

Fergie’s singing was such a sonic disaster that many of the athletes began smiling, laughing and looking around as if they didn’t realize what was going on. Toward the end, the crowd let out collective giggles.

The worst rendition of the national anthem, however, has to be by comedian Roseann Barr. Before the start of the San Diego Padres game in 1990, she was so off-key and off-pitch, it shocked fans who began to boo loudly midway through the song. Barr’s gesture should have been a portend of things to come because she covered her own hears ears just as she began to sing.

Sparks was nowhere in the vicinity of these two horrific performances.

Nevertheless, Sparks was on the receiving end of some grief for her singing on Saturday. Others tried to either make excuses for the slightly subpar performance or remind America that Sparks can actually sing and perhaps had an off night.

Jordin Sparks torched for subpar national anthem rendition (videos)

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