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Rapper ‘International O’ Performed for Troops, Takes on Japan

Artist to know: Ohmare “International O” Washington

Why he’s hot: Performs overseas for troops nationwide

How he got his big break:

Mixtape, Next Big Thing, and hit song “Still Look Good”

What are you bringing to the table that no one else is?

I’ve created my own lane by using the Flycat moniker. It allows me to create the music I like without being stereotyped with one certain style. I can make a hip-hop record, or I can make a commercial record, and it’s both well-received, without people saying I changed my style. They know each project has a different sound and style.

Who are your favorite artists?

Jay-Z, Bun B, 2pac, Biggie, Jadakiss, Fabolous, Wes Coas, Team Next, Krumwell, Nas and a majority of the new cats that’s out right now. I’m a fan of a lot of artists with different styles. Productionwise, I like everyone who contributes to Rick Ross’ albums. They sound like musicals. I’m also digging Big Krit’s production. That dude is sick.

What upcoming projects are you working on that our readers should be aware of?

I’m currently working on an EP that should be out by June or July. It’s gonna have some top-notch production on there. I got beats from producers who have made tracks for Tyga, Big Sean, Wale and more. It’ll be free download.  I’m also working on another project called “Boulevard Music” that will come soon after this project. This year, I’m releasing an abundance of material.

How do you plan to follow up “Life of a Flycat?” What’s next?

I actually released another project in March called “Road To SXSW” (South By Southwest).

It was more for the event that was going on in Austin. But it did some pretty good numbers digitally. I’m perfecting my branding and marketing game, so I was out there with custom FMG plastic bags, with our CDs and door hangers in them. Fans should expect to see me on the road this summer also. I believe that you got to tour to spread your movement, whatever your movement may be. You gotta get out there. My management company … I owe a great deal of my success to Flycat Music Group. They do a great job in getting us shows and publicity. I will be performing in Osaka, Japan, in September.

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