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Halle Berry’s Privacy Violated by Trespassers

Over the weekend, Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry got too up close and personal with an unwelcomed visitor when, on two separate occasions, she spotted an intruder trespassing on her Los Angeles property, prompting the actress to call the police.

According to TMZ, law enforcement sources say the first incident happened July 9, when an unknown man scaled Berry’s privacy wall and began lurking around the front yard of her home where he was eventually spotted by a frightened Berry.

Several people inside Berry’s home rushed outside to grab the the man, but he quickly jumped the wall again and fled the scene.

Berry called LAPD, who arrived at her home shortly afterwards and are currently investigating the incident.

The second incident occurred on July 10, when Berry spotted yet another intruder trespassing on her property. Berry immediately called the police, however the intruder escaped before police arrived at the scene, allegedly with three cars and even a helicopter in tow.

It’s still unclear as to why the unknown men trespassed onto Berry’s property, but one theory being considered is that the intruders could have been just a couple of the many overly ambitious photographers who constantly surveillance Berry’s home, waiting to shoot pictures of the silver screen siren.

Hopefully, the intrusions were just those of some pesky paparazzi and not half-baked attempts at something more sinister from obsessed fans. –nicholas robinson