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Marcus Glover, Brand Advocate, Says Consistency Is Key

Shelter and Living Labs Foundation founder, Marcus Glover

Every brand needs innovation, honest feedback and creative direction in order to evolve.  Marcus Glover, founder of the marketing company, Shelter, has provided support to major clients like the NFL and Reebok.  In the process he has earned a reputation for delivering results that maximize a brand’s exposure and profits.

Glover’s success with his company is largely attributed to his previous career as an advertising creative director with a keen insight into the consumer’s mind.  Now in addition to Shelter, he has founded the non-profit organization, Living Labs Foundation that provides tools and opportunities for communities to advance.  The foundation is presently preparing for the launch of the TEDxHarlem conference to be held on March 27th, 2012 at the Apollo Theater.  The conference is intended to bring together leaders from the fields of technology, entertainment and design.

Rolling Out picked the mind of Glover to learn what led him to redesign the focus of his company, why loquacious  clients aren’t usually the most successful, and why he believes consistency is more relevant than brilliance.

What advice would you share with a first-time entrepreneur?

Frequently we go to execution before we thought through the strategy so in business take the time to think through your idea.  When I opened my business I thought it would focus on advertising since that was my area of expertise but people were looking for me to be a consultant. So rather than focus on execution I had to re-evaluate my business based on what the market told me was there for me.

Your business is all about getting results for your clients.  So how do you choose a client that you are confident you can help succeed?

What makes a great client is someone who has a clarity of purpose.  If a client needs an exhaustive amount of time to explain their business, then it’s likely doomed for failure. In my experience the clients that are the most concise are usually the most confident, and that results in great partnerships.

Are there specific tools you rely on to help you formulate advice for your clients?

Frequently it’s just my gut instinct.  I trust my instincts because it represents most people.  In 2010 I worked on a documentary film about the lives of African soccer players and it was supposed to be released at the time of the World Cup.  My gut told me if we changed the story to take out the World Cup, it world have a stronger story with no expiration date.  So this fall we are releasing the feature and I believe it will receive bigger critical acclaim because of my recommendation.

What qualities do you look for in an employee?

Consistency is the biggest theme that I look for.  I’d rather have a consistently average person, than an inconsistent above average person.  I think of myself as an average person with average talent.  Fortunately it’s a world filled with average people.  So I don’t look for the person that tests off the charts as much as someone who is constantly putting in hard work.

What are your hobbies?

In another life I wanted to be Miles Davis.  I try to emulate his creativity  by listening to and playing jazz.  I also have an infectious love for my friendships and my family.  I am passionate about them the same way people are passionate about a hobby.